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need to find supplier for thernal switch

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by blaine YOung, Dec 28, 2003.

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  1. blaine YOung

    blaine YOung Guest

    I have 10 Kitchen Aid coffee makers that all have the same problem
    that I want to repair. The problem is a defective thermal switch in
    the heating element. I googled for a supplier/manufacturer for the
    defective switch but came up dry. The number on the component is
    155431 0 5 0 N T1 318C. Can someone tell me how else I can find a
    supplier. If I can't find a supplier, can I just use another thermal
    switch from one of the other coffee makers to replace the defective
    one even though the component numbers are different? At least this
    way, I could repair 1/2 of the coffee makers. The number on the
    thermal switch that I want to use as a replacement is 161471 019 190C.
    I think the last number on both components refers to the temperature
    the switch opens. If I am correct, it should be safe because the
    replacement switch has a lower switching temperature than the
    defective one, and therefore would open up and interupt the power at a
    lower temperature. By the way, all the switches (4 of them) are in
    series and therefore if one opens up then the whole circuit is opened.
    The one that would open up first is the one with the lowest
    temperature rating and for this reason I think it would be safe to go
    ahead and use the replacement switches from the other units. I'd
    appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
    Blaine Young
  2. mike

    mike Guest

    The stakes are high and your legal problems outweigh the technical ones.
    Use the correct thermal switch.
    Thermal switches are there for a reason. If it blew, there's likely a
    cause. Yes, sometimes they just let go, but I'd be wary.
    Depending on where they are,
    you may have to spot weld the replacement.
    If you don't know or can't get the correct thermal switch, throw out the
    coffee maker. It's not worth a fire.

    Now, let's do a little reading between the lines...dangerous, I know,
    but sometimes instructive.
    Why the heck would anyone need 10 coffee makers?
    The most likely reason is that they intend to sell them.
    If you were a buyer, would you want to buy a fire hazard?
    If your house caught fire, wouldn't you want to sue the pants
    off the seller? And you'd probably win.

    Limit your liability. Get the EXACT thermal switch.
    Try kitchen aid. OR an appliance repair shop. Either will
    probably cost more than you want to spend.


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  3. sofie

    sofie Guest

    blaine YOung:
    Have you tried searching the web for the proper replacement parts??
    Yes, "lower" temperature rating is a safe substitution........ have you
    contacted KitchenAid or their authorized servicer for the proper
    replacement part?
    You need to learn how to use your search engines..... just a minute ago
    Yahoo provided hundreds of good hits in response to my two different search
    inquiries "kitchenaid coffee maker" and "kitchenaid repair parts"
    The very first search return on the first search is the following link:
    Also you can go to KitchenAid's web site at
    Plan to spend some time searching around and utilize the power of your own
    favorite search engines..... It took less than a minute to find the above
    answers for this reply to your post.
    By the way..... KitchenAid is all one word ...... look how it is written on
    the products you have.... that is how you need to most successfully search
    for things related to KitchenAid.
  4. blaine YOung

    blaine YOung Guest

    Thanks Mike and Daniel. I have searched on the web using google but
    not yahoo and was coming up with nothing. I have contacted KitchenAid
    but the person wasn't very helpful. I'll try again and maybe I'll get
    a different, more helpful person. Yes, the reason why I have 10 of
    them is because they came on a pallet of liquidation products that I
    was turning around and selling. The specific problem with this thermal
    switch is that the copper/bimetal disc in the bottom of the switch is
    missing ... likely a manufacturer's defect. The thermal switch is
    mounted on with a nut and so it is easy to replace. Thanks again.
    These google groups are invaluable!

    Blaine Young
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