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need spring-energy-storage mechanism

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], May 29, 2007.

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  1. Moka Java

    Moka Java Guest

    You haven't convinced me that your not a pimply faced lard ass
    presenting your Physics for Poets final exam question to usnet for your
    perverse entertainment. Since you posted to alt.horology, here's a
    watch collector's answer: The mainspring for a 16 size Hamilton pocket
    watch is pretty stout and they're readily available. I'm figuring 50
    years of winding might store enough energy to get your fat ass out of
    your mother's basement.

    Now be a good boy and get a job. Mowing lawns is good exercise. You
    don't see many fat Mexicans on landscaping crews.

    R "troll baiter" TF
  2. jim

    jim Guest

    No you requested info about transporting a commodity off a mountain. Of
    course, there really is no mountain or commodity. There never was you
    mad trhat up. You just thought if you threw that bit in so that some
    brilliant mechanical engineer would give away, for free, the recipe for
    regenerative braking on a bicycle without noticing that they had done
    so. Ha Ha Ha what a hoot!
    Meanwhile you have a half dozen entrepreneurs with ropes and pulleys
    and laundry chutes hunting down your mountain and the fortune to be made
    there. You got love Usenet the entertainment is unsurpassed.

  3. Revision

    Revision Guest

    No, very few are fat.
  4. Bill

    Bill Guest

    Ummm, no they aren't, but you still can't ask one for directions. You
    get the "No Habla Anglais" just about every time.
    Been there, done that, didn't work with hand signals.
    Meanwhile, I managed to get myself volunteered for digging up about 300
    feet of leech line for a friend's rental house. I can already feel the
    blisters waiting to pop up. At least I am riding my bike the 2 miles
    each way.
    Shovel, sweat, drink beer, repeat until sunset.
    Bill Baka
  5. J.A. Legris

    J.A. Legris Guest

    Maybe the market can solve the problem for you. Ask your willing
    customers to drive up themselves for a slight discount and to take
    some back down to your depot for the rest of them.
  6. SMS

    SMS Guest

    BFD, and what does that have to do with exercise? It's just laziness
    that people with tiny lawns are spending $75/month for lawn service that
    would take them about 30 minutes every two weeks to do themselves.
    Especially in Silicon Valley where the weather is fine. It's not like
    even using up your weekend to mow the lawn, you can do it after work
    instead of going to the gym!

    I guess I'm cheap. I do my lawn myself, and I maintain my pool myself,
    because I can't see another $150 per month in monthly expenditures for
    things I can easily do myself, no matter what the ethnic origin of the
    people I would otherwise hire.
  7. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I do my own lawn but it is Spartan since I am not about to plant
    flowers. We have an ongoing new housing project near me and once people
    buy one of those cheap crap houses they buy 2 SUV's and a riding lawn
    mower for their absurdly small lawns. The result is that many of the
    newly purchased new homes are now in foreclosure.
    They should say "Quality homes built by Mexicans and built with the
    lowest price everything.".
    Same here. I don't have a pool because I would have to maintain the
    thing even when I was on vacation, and I don't want to hire a pool boy.
    Bill Baka
  8. Bob Cain

    Bob Cain Guest

    Fewer of their wives are otherwise.

  9. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Bill wrote:

    Again, who they're built by is immaterial.

    It's true that the quality of materials being used these days is
    abysmal. I'm not sure what's going on with the developer's effort to
    allow CPVC pipe for drinking water; Schwarzenegger was pushing this at
    the request of developers, but I'm not sure if it ever went through. The
    OSB is bad enough.

    OTOH, when I was getting my roof replaced, the roofing guy was telling
    me that I could only use the lighter tiles to replace the wood shake
    roof, as the regular tiles used in new construction were too heavy. So
    the actual frame and roof of the new houses are stronger than the older
    houses, even as the non-structural materials decline in quality.

    What _has_ happened is that the illegal alien labor has made working as
    a construction worker no longer a living wage job, except where the
    developer is required to use only union workers.
  10. Bill

    Bill Guest

    They are all pre-fab and trucked in for maximum cheapness. The central
    A/C units are at the absolute bottom or the legal EPA energy SEER
    ratings and there is barely any insulation in the new homes. Since I
    have watched this go from a field to an el-cheapo housing development,
    starting around $290,000 for a 1,200 square foot house on a 60 by 80
    foot piece of dirt, I know just how bad they are built. One day it
    rained heavily on the bare wood rooftops and the next day they were
    sealing in the water with the roofing paper. Those are not houses I
    would buy even at half price.
    Union workers, here. ROTFLMAO.
    Wetback illegals, , mostly, and nobody that even speaks English.
    The foreman is a bilingual Mexican so he can translate the developers
    instructions to the crews. I hate even riding through there anymore
    since they all have their truck radios on full blast with the doors open
    playing the same Mexican music over and over and over......
    Any and all American union workers have been displaced here.
    Bill Baka
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