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need spring-energy-storage mechanism

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], May 29, 2007.

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  1. It will be too slick to launch with the "Cat-A-Pult", and it'll leave
    yet ANOTHER slick cat mess where it hits the ground. ;-)

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  2. Dear Don Lancaster:

    Is the cat toasted? This might very well split the cosmos in

    David A. Smith
  3. As were many of the canal systems - including the Panama Canal, the Falkirk
    Wheel and the Anderton boat-lift, using water instead of wire.
  4. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    The Falkirk Wheel and the Anderton Lift are ares, not weres. Although
    the FW (opened as recently as 2002) takes advantage of balancing by
    opposed caissons, the energy to raise or lower (replacing losses) is
    electric. The Anderton Lift was never counterbalanced, in either
    original hydraulic form, kid- life electric form, or its current
    restored hydraulic form.

    There were many counterbalanced inclines though, particularly on
    railways. One not far from here, at Chapel-en-le-Frith on the Peak
    Forest Tramroad, used trains of wagons loaded with limestone to haul up
    trains of empties from 1796 to the 1920s, with only a brake drum to
    control the descent. For the rest of the trip, the trains ran by gravity
    downhill, horse powered uphill. The horses stood in a wagon at the rear
    of the train on the downhill trip.

    Paul Burke
  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I doubt if unconscious cats land on their feet; I bet this one didn't:

  6. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Why not do the experiment, and show us the video? >:->

  7. Guest

    A 2 pound flywheel can store 4 man-hours of energy at about 80%
    efficiency. This is a 5X better power to weight ratio than batteries.
    (still only a fraction of that of gasoline).
  8. Donald

    Donald Guest

    Interesting calculation, where did you find it ?

    Where you someone buy a 2 pound flywheel ?

  9. Bill

    Bill Guest

    A 2 pound flywheel at what RPM and what diameter?
    It also has to run on frictionless bearings and in a vacuum to actually
    store the energy.
    Science needs details.
    Bill Baka
  10. default

    default Guest

    Wait a minute, you're changing the rules on me. You didn't say
    anything about the cat flying as well as being taped to toast.

    Parachute? Stabilizing fins?
  11. Jasen

    Jasen Guest

    contract a regular traveler to transport it for you. (all paved roads
    are regularly traveled, and few people with wheeled transport are
    greatly inconvenienced by carrying loads downhill)
  12. Jasen

    Jasen Guest

    Basically a bucket pump operating in reverse,

    it needs pulleys that can accomodate the buckets, but little else.

  13. Dear default:

    Another branch of this thread... cat-a-pult.

    David A. Smith
  14. John S.

    John S. Guest

    I've come to the conclusion the author of this post is just another of
    the internet trolls described in Wikipedia. One vaguely worded
    question asking about using a spring powered bicycle to transport a
    bushel of something of modest value from somewhere to somewhere. And
    no further response.
  15. ]

    John is disturbed, because the poser of the question has not
    responded. This response in newsgroups is not in fact unusual.

    It reminds me that the US culture requires both a
    "Thank you" for help from the helpee, and a "You're welcome"
    from the helper, to be in good form.

    But it is probably better to act as though one responds to requests
    for input simply for one's own amusement or education.

    Brian Whatcott Altus OK
  16. default

    default Guest

    He started a new thread saying we should forget about springs. And
    posted one reply on that thread.

    Half the folks that are posting through Google Groups don't understand
    how to interact with Usenet, indeed, don't seem to know that they are
    posting to Usenet or how to find their way back to what they posted.

    But he did cross post to groups associated with his basic premise, so
    he must have some understanding of Usenet.

    But yeah, I agree, too much troll here to be a serious question.

    Anyone that has ever tensioned a garage door spring, intended to
    assist lifting a weight of at most 50-100 pounds a few feet, and saw
    the spring that takes . . . wouldn't be seriously considering a spring
    - just too damn heavy and large to get its own weight up the hill.

    And the terms - only slightly valuable cargo, wouldn't demand a high
    tech solution like regenerative brake bicycles, vacuum flywheels, or
    springs that don't exist.

    He won't describe the cargo in more detail or the mountain? On the
    one hand he's saying its value hardly justifies the effort of moving
    it, on the other hand, it must be very valuable if he can even
    consider designing something that would be pushing the state of the
    art. (and wants the location to remain a secret)

    Contradictions. Troll bait.

    Trolling is a game about identity deception, albeit one that is played
    without the consent of most of the players. The troll attempts to pass
    as a legitimate participant, sharing the group's common interests and
    concerns; the newsgroups members, if they are cognizant of trolls and
    other identity deceptions, attempt to both distinguish real from
    trolling postings, and upon judging a poster a troll, make the
    offending poster leave the group. Their success at the former depends
    on how well they — and the troll — understand identity cues; their
    success at the latter depends on whether the troll's enjoyment is
    sufficiently diminished or outweighed by the costs imposed by the
  17. default

    default Guest

    So he's French?

    We North Americanos forget other cultures use the Internet.
    Of course if he's reading a discourse on his posting style, and is a
    troll, he's laughing his head off right now.
  18. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    No, just the phenomena where cats always land on their feet and toast
    always lands butter-side down. Tape (or clamp, or whatever) the toast to
    the cat, and the assembly won't be able to land at all! ;-)

  19. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I think what the googlies do is ask their question and expect an answer to
    pop up (or whatever) instantaneously. A few minutes pass, and they lose
    interest and move on to something else, and disappear into the mists of
    googledom. ;-)


  20. For all we know, he may be making a mountain out of a molehill.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
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