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need sony spindle motor rf-300f-12350

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by dpf923, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. dpf923

    dpf923 Guest

    my sony dvp-ns41p dvd player from costco stopped working after about 1
    months with a "can't read this disc" type of message and after takin
    the top of I could see the disc was not turning. I gave the disc
    little push and off it went but only for a minute or so, then when
    tried pushing it again it would not move. I disconnected the moto
    terminals from the board and ohmed it out. It read's as an open circui
    so I figure the motor is shot. I removed the motor and the label reads

    D/V 13.0

    I went to the mabuchi motor web site and I can see lots of spindl
    motors but not this one. The closest seems to be the rf-300fa-1235
    which is a 1.5V to 6.0V motor. I also found some web pages on how t
    transplant new brushes into this motor from a donor motor. Since m
    motor is toast anyway I took the back off following the procedure an
    could see that they teeeny little brushes were worn to a nub. Proble
    is I don't have a donor motor handy so I keep looking for
    replacement. It seems from the mabuchi web site that maybe this moto
    isn't sold on the open market but only to sony. It seems so poorly mad
    that sony must have begged them to squeeze every last cent out of th
    poor little thing.

    When I google the part number I do finds some potential suppliers.
    One is Impel electronic spare parts. They say that they have importe
    spare parts from Singapore for the Polish market up to 2005 and sinc
    then have opened an E-store for the EC and will sell this motor fo
    3.09 Euros. I'm a little bit concerned however because they have
    photo of the motor on their web site and the label on the motor reads:

    D/V 5.9

    The D/V number 5.9 does not match the 13.0 on my motor so I wonder i
    this is really the right replacement motor.

    Another supplier is mat electronics, They describe this part number a
    working with SONY DVP NS325/425 and Philips DVP 642 as a HIGH FAILUR
    PART! I believe the HIGH FAILURE PART! On the Mat web site they show
    photo that looks like the correct motor but the label is fuzzed out s
    you can't really read if this is a mabuchi motor or not and I can'
    read the D/V number from the picture. I emailed them and Mike says tha
    he can't say anything more than it's a 12V motor and will work with th
    listed models.
    the price is 3.95 + 2.00(handling) + 6.50(shipping) about 12.50 withou
    Well my model wasn't one of the listed models so I'm a littl

    If this were the real deal I would buy it. has anyone else tired thi
    part? Is it
    a real mabuchi motor and will I be able to use it as a replacement
  2. David Farber

    David Farber Guest

    I've used the very same replacement motor from Mat electronics for a Sony
    dvd player that was about three years old and it worked out fine. However I
    think in that instance, the voltages did match. I don't know if the one volt
    difference in your situation is enough to foul up the works. Do the physical
    dimensions match otherwise?
  3. dpf923


    Apr 5, 2007

    Thanks for your reply. The Mat web site does not give dimensions so I cannot tell if the dimensions will be the same.

    It sounds from your reply that the D/V 5.9 and D/V 13.0 are definitely some type of voltage spec or possibly a physical dimension?

    You say 1V difference because Mike from Mat reported the motor to be a 12V unit. If my D/V 13.0 was a type of voltage spec them I think I would that the Mat motor would be good for me voltage wise.

    Thanks for you feedback on the Mat motor!
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