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Need sony spindle motor rf-300f-12350

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by dpf923, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. dpf923

    dpf923 Guest

    my sony dvp-ns41p dvd player from costco stopped working after about 1
    months with a "can't read this disc" type of message and after takin
    the top of I could see the disc was not turning. I gave the disc
    little push and off it went but only for a minute or so, then when
    tried pushing it again it would not move. I disconnected the moto
    terminals from the board and ohmed it out. It read's as an open circui
    so I figure the motor is shot. I removed the motor and the label reads

    D/V 13.0

    I went to the mabuchi motor web site and I can see lots of spindl
    motors but not this one. The closest seems to be the rf-300fa-1235
    which is a 1.5V to 6.0V motor. I also found some web pages on how t
    transplant new brushes into this motor from a donor motor. Since m
    motor is toast anyway I took the back off following the procedure an
    could see that they teeeny little brushes were worn to a nub. Proble
    is I don't have a donor motor handy so I keep looking for
    replacement. It seems from the mabuchi web site that maybe this moto
    isn't sold on the open market but only to sony. It seems so poorly mad
    that sony must have begged them to squeeze every last cent out of th
    poor little thing.

    When I google the part number I do finds some potential suppliers.
    One is Impel electronic spare parts. They say that they have importe
    spare parts from Singapore for the Polish market up to 2005 and sinc
    then have opened an E-store for the EC and will sell this motor fo
    3.09 Euros. I'm a little bit concerned however because they have
    photo of the motor on their web site and the label on the motor reads:

    D/V 5.9

    The D/V number 5.9 does not match the 13.0 on my motor so I wonder i
    this is really the right replacement motor.

    Another supplier is mat electronics, They describe this part number a
    working with SONY DVP NS325/425 and Philips DVP 642 as a HIGH FAILUR
    PART! I believe the HIGH FAILURE PART! On the Mat web site they show
    photo that looks like the correct motor but the label is fuzzed out s
    you can't really read if this is a mabuchi motor or not and I can'
    read the D/V number from the picture. I emailed them and Mike says tha
    he can't say anything more than it's a 12V motor and will work with th
    listed models.
    the price is 3.95 + 2.00(handling) + 6.50(shipping) about 12.50 withou
    Well my model wasn't one of the listed models so I'm a littl

    If this were the real deal I would buy it. has anyone else tired thi
    part? Is it
    a real mabuchi motor and will I be able to use it as a replacement
  2. try putting another DVD in it. Like the one I just got where a fat boy
    is screaming and crying while being beaten with a baton.
  3. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Generally speaking, all of the motors are pretty much the same. If it looks
    right, and has the terminals pins in the right place to fit the connector
    PCB, then in my experience, it will work. Voltage is not normally the issue.
    The variation numbers usually come from different shaft lengths, but here's
    the trick. Did you measure the turntable height carefully, before removing
    it ? This setting is very *very* critical for correct operation on DVD
    decks, which is why replacement spindle motors for DVD players, as opposed
    to CD players, normally come prealigned on a sub-deck.

  4. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    I'd locate the motor driver chip. If your player is anything like the
    ones I've seen, then this IC should be near the cables that go to the
    DVD loader. I'd then locate the datasheet for this chip and determine
    the motor's maximum possible voltage rating from that. Another way
    would be to find this chip's supply pin(s) and use a multimeter to
    trace it back to a labelled power connector. If the chip is powered
    solely from a 5V supply, then a 6V motor will definitely be OK. If the
    supply is 12V, or 12V and 5V, then a 6V motor *may* still be OK ... if
    the chip's output is limited by the external logic. Something else you
    could check are the specs of the sled and tray motors. These motors
    would be powered from the same chip, although not necessarily from the
    same supply rail.

    - Franc Zabkar
  5. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    The motor supply voltage - often designated "+M" or "M+" is very typically
    8v on all players

  6. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    I couldn't find the circuits for the subject player, but here is the
    service manual for another Sony player:

    It uses a FAN8034L motor control IC. This IC has three rails, SVCC
    (+5V), PVCC1 (+11V), and PVCC2 (+11V). In the absence of a datasheet,
    I assume that SVCC powers the logic and PVCCx powers the motors and
    tracking/focus coils.

    OTOH, I have a Sunplus reference circuit that shows a typical BA5954
    motor controller with all three rails connected to +5V.

    Here is a Cheertek reference design with all three rails connected to

    - Franc Zabkar
  7. eleska


    Mar 2, 2010
    Sony - Ridiculous DVD Failure Rate

    Thought I would join the forum just to respond to this thread and encourage product improvement from (or stick it to) Sony, who seems to have a ridiculous failure rate with their component DVD drives.

    I have several DVP-NC75H Sony DVD changers that have died due to drive motor failures. My company also used the same or similar Sony DVD changers in our audio setups for smaller salons/spas that needed inexpensive combo drives for special in-house audio.

    Every single one of them failed at some point just beyond the warranty period by a few months. They all experience the never ending "LOADING" message that appears on the display.

    If you were to open the cover and spin the disc clockwise with your hand, it would take off and spin on it's own, eventually loading the disc. After turning it off, it would eventually hit a dead spot on the motor and not start on it's own again.

    To further the frustration with Sony DVD products, we installed a series of Yamaha surround systems in spa rooms for special relaxation surround discs that were in the DVD-A format, which also died within 18 months. Upon removing the cover, we found the infamous SONY casted into the play head / motor mechanism.

    In all cases it was motor failure on the DVD drive. Planned obsolescence at a ridiculous level by SONY. This further becomes obvious if you attempt to source a MABUCHI replacement motor with the same part number. The motor is made specifically for SONY and not available to the public through any supplier. In one case, there is a supplier online that has had to blur out the identification numbers on the motor within his online store catalog just to avoid issues.

    The motor in my case was the RF-300F-12350 with the 5.9V designation on it, which I could not find an exact replacement online for and a few Mabuchi suppliers wouldn't even discuss over the phone.

    On a whim I picked up a few RF-300FA-12350 motors on Ebay for $7. The picture online did not match the 5.9V designation, however I thought I'd give it a try.

    Worked perfectly. Wires were a bit shorter but managed. DVD players are back in operation, no thanks to SONY.

    Typically I've always been a huge Sony supporter, from the first release of the portable CD player (that still runs by the way), through multiple sets of the ES series surround components. Now it looks like it's time to change my brand loyalty.

    Bottom line, grab a motor online even if it seems close. You'll most likely get your player working for under $10.
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