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Need some advice for building an event counter

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Joe, Feb 29, 2004.

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  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    I am going to try and build an event counter (using a 2 digit, 7 segment LED
    p/n LD5111-11, jameco pn=24723). I will be counting the number of times a
    PIR sensor is activated. The sensor closes a relay when it is activated, so
    I think I will probably need to debounce that signal. It can either be a
    high or low. I will probly use a 555 set up as a oneshot to send the pulse
    to the next stage. The next stage is where I am confused. This device will
    be battery powered (4.5V to 9V) btw.

    I have been looking at the cmos 4033(divide by 10 counter with 7 segment
    output) , 4511(7 segment latch and driver), and the 74c48 (bcd to segment
    disp driver). I am not sure which one to use. If I use the 74c48, I will
    need a bcd counter before it (I think??). If I use either of the other 2, I
    would need to put drivers into another stage to drive the LED's as these
    IC's do not source enough current to drive an LED.

    If anyone has built something like this, has any suggestions or knows of a
    site I can visit to get some ideas, pls advise. I have googled for 'event
    counter' and 'simple event counter' and found some ideas, but they are for
    one digit displays.All ideas or info is welcome. I already have 2 jameco 7
    segment dual digit displays and I wanted to use them for this application. I
    am not sure how to count the pulses and then convert them to be able to see
    them on the display.

  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    form what i can see you need the 4033 and 4511
    you actually don't need the latch in this case so that pin
    can be held low.
  3. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks, I will be placing an order with mouser soon, once I figure out what
    else I need.

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