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Need Schematic...Sony STR DE535 ???

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by oldave, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. oldave

    oldave Guest

    I have gone through so many "threads" and discussion forums to try t
    find a schematic for the Sony STR DE535???
    My problem is I was Playing my Sony Stereo,and switched to CD Mode,an
    it DID play for about 2-Seconds and went completely "Dead"*except
    couple of "Panel" lights,BUT NO "Display Screen" lite up???I opened i
    up to find it had "Blown" (2)both 8-amp fuses on the power suppl
    board.I replaced these fuses, then JUST PLUGGED-IN THE AC Cord into th
    wall & "POP" went the 6.3-amp fuse on the "Standby-Power-Board"????
    tried it wasting 3 fuses then gave up.
    I plulled the "black-cap" off of the Relay to see if it were makin
    contact after being Plugged-In to the AC.The 6.3-amp fuse "HELD" eac
    time after that,UNTIL I "Closed" the points on the Relay and i
    "Popped" the fuse each time when I tried to close the Points???
    It would appreciated greatly any help/advice or suggestions on m
    perplexing problem????

    Good Luck & Good Music...

  2. You have a blown amplifier channel. A couple output transistors shorted, and
    very possibly some other small parts bad. If it's not worth spending up to
    perhaps 150.00 or so to fix you may just want to replace it with a newer
    model. Probably not really a do-it-yourself job for most, unless you have
    some experience with voltmeters, ohmmeters, etc, have access to original
    type parts, can do the necessary soldering, etc.

    Mark Z.
  3. vedran

    vedran Guest

  4. vedran

    vedran Guest

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