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Need RADAR advice

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Steve Lusardi, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. I have just purchased a used FURUNO antenna and gearbox. I have not received
    it yet. It was made in 2005 and has been used on a commercial ship. It is
    probably safe to say heavily used, but the price was right and it is sold as
    functioning well. I will, disassemble it, repaint and mechanically inspect
    and repair as necessary, but my question is about the magnetron. Furuno
    states the magnetron is rated for 2,000 to 3,000 hours. I have no
    maintenance history, but is to safe to think that without recent
    replacement, the magnetron is used up? Should I just replace the magnetron
    as just a general service replacement? It is an RSB0074-0062 12KW.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. If it was "Me". I would install the radar, and run it for a day or so,
    BEFORE I made any decision to replace the Magnetron, since the Maggie is
    the MOST EXPENSIVE Replacement Part in a Radar of this class. Your
    looking at $200 - $400 US. While I had the TR Pan out I would look at
    the Maggie and see if it had been replaced already, or was the original
    Toshiba OEM Unit. Once you have run the thing for a good 24 Hours, you
    will burnt all of the moisture out of the Maggie and Waveguides, and
    then can evaluate the state of the Maggie. Look for Double Targets on
    the same bearing and very close together. This is caused by Double
    Pulsing, and a sign of a Very Aged Maggie. Check the Tuning Range, of
    the receiver and see if the Maggies Frequency is still near the Center
    of the Receiver Tuning Range. High Hour Maggies tend to drift Off
    Frequency and be near the tuning Range Edges. I have seen those Toshiba
    OEM Units in Furuno Radars that still had plenty of life after 10 years,
    of activity on Fishing Vessels.
  3. Bruce,
    Thank you, that is the advice I needed. In my previous life, many years ago,
    I repaired airborne radars and all the maggies I changed, the frequency
    driftted beyond the the ability of the LO to track. In those days, I had at
    my disposal a spectrum analyser, which I no longer have. I never saw one
    that double pulsed. From your information, it looks like I do not need any
    special test equipment, but a dummy load would be nice. I'm not sure
    radiating my neihborhood for 24 hours would be appreciated. Are there any
    available at reasonable prices that would fit the Furuno slot-line antenna
  4. Larry,
    60' steel sloop.........lots of electric power.
  5. To be technically, and legally correct, you should NOT operate a Marine
    Radar while on shore, without possessing a Maritime Support Station
    License. I wouldn't worry about radiating you neighbors, as the Power
    Density of ANY Commercial Marine Xband Radar, 6 Inches in front of the
    Slotted Waveguide Antenna, is well below that required to cause ANY
    microwave heating, and so far below any Ionization, as to be
    inconsequential. When I was doing a lot of radar work, I used a Military
    Xband Radar Test Set that included a Xband Load that I adapted to fit
    the Standard Furuno T/R Pan Waveguide Connection. One of my old Friends
    who is still in the Biz, uses the same setup but feeds the T/R Pan
    Output thru a similar connection to a 40ft piece of Xband Waveguide
    that goes up a tower at his shop, and then gets feed back into an
    modified FR240MkIII Antenna. When I visit him, I know he is in the shop
    because I can see the antenna turning from 1/2 mile away. No Turning,
    don't bother stopping by, cause no one is home.
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