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Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Scott Chandler, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Let me begin by explaining to you my request.
    In September of 2003 I was diagnosed as having testicular cancer.
    Having no insurance I decided I would just do
    what i could to save myself. Long story short, I am
    at this time cancer free, but $30,000 in debt.
    I do not know where else to turn except to the
    internet community. This is not spam, as i have provide
    my real e-mail address. Please if you could send
    even 0ne Dollar to my paypal account I would appreciate
    it. My address at paypal is
    Radiation treatments alone have cost me $20,000
    my prescription for Zofran was $2,100. Continuing
    CT scans and blood work are $1,000 each every three
    months for the next five years. Any help will be
    appreciated. Thank you
  2. nemo

    nemo Guest

    You sure do. You ain't even learned how to type yet!
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