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Need help with Pioneer auto CD player

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Joel, May 2, 2004.

  1. Joel

    Joel Guest

    I'm looking for suggestions to deal with my aging auto CD player that
    hasn't been working for a while. The symptom is there is almost no
    audio, on either channel. Instead there is mostly some scratchy sounds
    and occasional loud pops, with some faint audio if I turn the volume to
    max. It used to be intermittent, and the audio would come back if I let
    the CD play a while. But now the problem is permanent. The disk spins
    and the LCD display seems to be fine and displaying correctly. I infer
    the disk is being read.

    The car is an 88 Mazda, which I'd like to keep in original condition. So
    I'm resistant to replacing with a modern stereo (especially since the
    radio and cassette are fine). I'd like to fix it or maybe get another
    identical unit. The stereo is a Pioneer OEM model, three units that bolt
    together. The CD player is the top unit, model CDX 6103zm.

    First question: Is there anything I can do myself? I am handy with a
    soldering iron, multi-meter and tools. I've had the CD player out of its
    metal case, but don't see anything obviously wrong. I don't have a
    proper test bench, so I have to re-install in the car to test the audio.
    I read the CD FAQ, but nothing obviously popped out except to check the
    muting relay. I don't know how to identify it. Would it be a sealed unit?

    I'm willing to take it to a pro if necessary. So my other question is,
    is it likely fixable? I'm concerned about availability of parts. Both
    Pioneer and a local shop want $50 to look at it and diagnose. But
    Pioneer can't assure me parts are available. So I'm out $50 if a needed
    part isn't available. Is this a good gamble? Are they likely to be able
    to fix it?

    Oh, I noticed some partially disintegrated small sponge pads on the top
    cover inside. Are these important? Could they be related to the problem?

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for any help.

    -- Joel

    (Please fix my e-mail address if replying that way.)
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