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need help with home IP camera choice

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I want to install one outdoor camera so I can see who is at my door or
    perhaps loitering at the bottom of my stairs. I want ot monitor this
    activity from my PC one floor above the door. I have no need to view
    this remotely from any pc around the world....

    As I am in process of framing the house, so I can choose a camera
    that needs a 110 volt line, or it can be power over ethernet. I want
    to limit sending on the camera to $200 to $300. The area will be lit
    at night by a motion detector, so I don't need lighting built into
    camera. I have no need to record what's going on either.... I
    suppose I need the camera to have a motion detector built into it so
    it is not constantly running. Will I need software installed on PC
    to view images from camera? thanks much for any help! Jim
  2. Matt Ion

    Matt Ion Guest

    I think you'll have trouble finding much choice in sub-$300 IP cameras,
    especially those than support Power-over-Ethernet. From your "wish
    list" I think you really might be better off with a simple analog camera
    and monitor (even an old 13" TV or something will do), or if you REALLY
    need to view it on your computer, just using a basic analog capture card
    or USB dongle (check out the Adaptec GameBridge).

    Leaving the camera on constantly is not an issue; the only consideration
    might be to turn off the monitor when you're not using it to avoid burn-in.
  3. ACTi's ACM-1101N is an MPEG4 IP bullet camera --
    VGA resolution, 2-way audio, POE, etc. It retails for
    $305. There are others.


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Home Electronics
    4883 Fallcrest Circle
    Sarasota · Florida · 34233
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