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Need help with Denon AV receiver

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ken123, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Ken123

    Ken123 Guest


    I am having a problem with a Denon AVR-3300 receiver not switching audio
    between sources. If I am on FM for example and switch to a DVD or any other
    source, sound goes away. Sound stays dead if I switch back to FM.

    I've found if I wiggle one of the circuit boards, the sound comes back. So I
    wish to remove that board and examine it. The pdf service manual for a
    similar Denon receiver I downloaded shows almost the identical arrangement
    of those boards, but does not explain how to remove them.

    They are connected to a main board with a type of connector I've not
    encountered before, and they are very tight. Obviously I don't want to start
    forcing anything. So I though someone on this group would be able to assist

    I have posted a close-up of a couple of these connectors.......

    The main board is at the bottom of the picture.

    PS: If anyone knows were I might pick up a service manual for this model,
    please advise.
  2. Typically one must at least partially remove the rear panel and carefully
    unplug the board(s) by pulling them upward. There may be one or more small
    tabs at the plugs to release the boards, but I don't really remember this
    being the case.

    Sometimes it helps to resolder the DSP chips to fix problems like this. All
    it may take is a single bad solder connection on a Chip Enable, Clock, Data,
    etc line to any one of those IC's to prevent sound, or for the sound not to
    come back after changing sources, etc.

    You can e-mail me for the manual. Reverse the domain name, so that
    "labolgcbs" becomes "sbcglobal".

    You'll need WinRar to re-assemble the manual; it will come in 4 meg chunks,
    about 33 meg total.

    Mark Z.
  3. Ken123

    Ken123 Guest

    Thanks for the help, Mark!

    I sent you an email this a.m. I'm looking forward to that manual.
  4. Ken123

    Ken123 Guest

    I finally stumbled across an answer to this at

    "Ok. they are strictly male/female snapped together. First make sure to
    remove any screws that are holding the board to the back panel thru any
    connector & by grabbing the edge of the board and gently pulling up while
    holding the bottom board, it will disengage from its base. Trick is to make
    sure all the in/out connectors are free from the back panel so it can be
    pulled straight up without interference .....make sure the pins are not bent
    when going back to reinstall it. Depending on the board & it's position,,
    may almost have to remove the back panel. At first it may feel somewhat
    awkward, but it will disengage. You may use a contact lubricant spray such
    as "cramoline" to make removing a lot easier."

    That was for a different brand of receiver, but the posted pictures were
    just like mine.

    I took his advice with the contact lubricant, and managed to get that board
    removed. During careful examination I discovered one loose solder
    connection, at the corner of a small heatsink, which probably was supposed
    to connect two ground points together

    I re-soldered it, replaced the board, plugged the receiver in and turned it
    on. It worked, and I started breathing again.

    Thanks to all in this newsgroup for helping with this and other technical
    issues in the past.
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