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Need Help[ with by Projection Set - 50" Mitsubishi

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I usually post on the arcade group but I was told the projection
    experts are here.


    I have a Sega Gunblade Video Game with a 50" Mitsubishi Projection TV.

    The model # is VS-50SE1 which Mitsubishi does not recognize. Sega
    bought these sets and modified them with cooling fans and a seperate
    input for the video from the game. No one has been able to find a
    manual for that model. There is no chassis # to cross reference it.

    Other arcade people think the model is a VS-5043 which was also made
    in 1996. If you have a manual for either odel or know where I can
    download it, please let me know,.

    The set come on for about 5 seconds and I hear high voltage kick in
    and them the relay kick the set off. Since I can't find a manual as
    of yet, I am thinking the B+ is too high and it is shutting down. I
    was going to disconnect the B+ from the flyback to see if it come on.
    I also thinking about changing the HOT and VR to see if that wil do

    Any common problems that I need to check?

    Any help or advice will be appreciated

  2. Guest

    Update -

    I have ruled out the power supply section & Horz output becuase the
    set does fire up and then shuts down. This tells me it is working but
    the set is sensing either too much voltage or current.

    I thought the problem might be the vert output IC and I changed it and
    no luck.

    The guy who is helping me told me that it might be one of the 3
    convergence IC's that is bad. He says that usually when a projection
    set shuts down, it is either a convergence or verticle problem.

    Any help will be appreciated
  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Or, depending on why type of projector set you have, (CRT is assumed
    here), the irradiation sensor could be detecting excessive amounts or
    be defective if you have one that is.
  4. Guest

    I will chech it out and post it here.

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