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Need help to identify transistor

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Jul 27, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    the only markings on it are:

    274 414

    some sort of regulator or power transistor, any help is appreciated.
  2. crooksie

    crooksie Guest

    wha is this device in? what does it look like TO3 ect?
  3. Guest

    sorry - it's in a TO-220 package.

  4. aurgathor

    aurgathor Guest

    Assuming it's 3 leads, try to measure the diodes
    between C, B, and E, that way you can narrow
    down the possibilities. Also, if it came from a
    circuit, that can help you figure out what kind of
    device it is.
  5. Guest

    The measurements are screwed - measures 832 ohms between
    only 2 of the leads both directions, so I am thinking it needs replacement.

    Is part of a power supply circuit for a LED driver board.

    Anyone help with a cross reference as well?

  6. Guest

    If it's in the regulator circuit, it is highly likely that
    all you need is a "general purpose" TO-220 power transistor of
    the right polarity. Nothing critical about it most of the time.
    You can install it temporarily and measure the voltage across
    it and current through it, and make sure it can handle the
    power requirements by comparing against the datasheet.
  7. aurgathor

    aurgathor Guest

    Unless the circuit is too complicated, I'd draw
    it out and see "what fits". It can be a FET,
    a 3 lead regulator, or some bipolar. The LEDs
    polarity and/or electrolytics should at least get
    you the polarity.
  8. Guest

    Been drawing since I originally posted, complicated piece, the circuit is 3 boards deep (about a square foot each) and double sided.
    I was a bit tired when I posted, but the displays are vacuum flourescent...anyways
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