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Need help on id components

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Pragma, Dec 27, 2003.

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  1. Pragma

    Pragma Guest

  2. It's hard to tell because the solder is so sloppy, but it looks like
    most of the leads are connected together. They look like there are
    actually only three, so they're probably either a power FET or a SCR
    or TRIAC. One line says S AC <delta> where the S is tilted like it's
    italicized, the S might be Siliconix. That leads me to believe it's a
    Maybe a transistor, or again it could be a FET.
    Looks like a diode or a glass capacitor.

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  3. Pragma

    Pragma Guest

    1: A transistor,possibly an Op-Amp??
    You're right, it has been identified as a power fet SI4430 by

    There is a switch connected to S1.jpg and S1.jpg is connected to the gate of
    power fet.

    #S1#----------Gate of powerfet--

    It seems like an diode, visible text on the component: 18....Ho'
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