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Need help On communication circuit.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by kongp, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. kongp

    kongp Guest


    I,m need some help about list of type of communication circuit,
    I can't find complete list, from basic to advance technic. I used to
    study the superegenerative circuit for long time, any can clear this
    problem. Or any suggestion will welcome.

    thanks you,
    Phongphan Porana
  2. The superregen is a solution for only one thing, cost. Without criteria
    pertaining to your challenge, you will only be guided to that one depth
    of knowledge, google....
  3. No, the superregen is the solution for the faults of the regenerative
    receiver. The regen was too finicky for a lot of use, going into oscillation
    when it wasn't desired (because somebody moved their hand or the antenna
    waved in the wind or a strong signal came on the frequency), a byproduct
    of the most gain and selectivity being right on that cusp before oscillation.

    So Armstrong went back to solve the problem, and came up with the
    superregenerative receiver. It added other limitations, but it solved
    the problem of that finicky point where the most gain occurred but which
    easily slipped into oscillation. Thus the superregen worked for a lot
    of applications where simplicity was desired but more "stable" operation
    was needed, such as consumer equipment and equipment where no operator
    was present.

  4. Gain yes, selectivity no.
    I never said it wasn't useful. Garage door openers come to mind. Not
    sure what your ramble leads to.......
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