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Need help making a switcher

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Catalyst, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Catalyst

    Catalyst Guest

    I'm making a switcher...basic idea is having about 10 coaxial inputs
    that you select which individual one will connect straight to the
    output. The tricky part comes in that I would like it to be possible to
    control it using an external GPI control. Easiest way I can think of
    would be to have a bidirectional would easily select back
    and forth between the inputs and it could be remotely controlled. Only
    problem is that I haven't seen a relay that would have the amount of
    inputs I'd like. Is there a way to build my own relay or a more
    intellegent design that would make it work without this type of relay?
    If it could only work locally, that wouldn't be too much of a problem,
    but I'd prefer to be able to control it locally and remotely.
  2. DJ Delorie

    DJ Delorie Guest

    Why one relay? For N inputs, use N reed relays. Just make sure only
    one is on at a time.

    If it's for video, there exist N-to-1 switcher ICs.
  3. Guest

    What, exactly, would be the characteristics and topology of your
    control signal(s)?

    - Tom Gootee
  4. Catalyst

    Catalyst Guest

    Why one relay? For N inputs, use N reed relays. Just make sure only
    Using that many relays seems like it's not going to remote control
    using 2 commands very well...I'm trying to use this whole thing as an
    excuse to finally learn something about circuits and making something
    able to use GPI triggers.
    I don't exactly know really....I've never designed anything for use
    with GPI, only wired GPI cables into setups that were already based on
    that system. It's an incredibly simple signal, and next time I go to
    work I'm planning on bringing my VO meter to measure how it's signal
    goes...I believe it's basically just got 5 VDC at some really low
    voltage constantly applied, then drops signal to trigger a command,
    though I believe it can also be set up to do the opposite of that.
    Other than that, it's just a pin for voltage and a bunch of other
    pins...each pin is a command.
  5. joseph2k

    joseph2k Guest

    Oohhh. You have left sooo much out of your post. Switchers like this have
    been built for many cases, including HF / VHF / UHF, transmit / receive
    antennas; ethernet; video; audio; data stream, etc., Tell us more about
    your requirements and we can give you better advice.
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