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Need help connecting an ETI Snow Owl (Snow Sensor CIT-2) to a Smartenit EZIO2x4 Controller

Discussion in 'Sensors and Actuators' started by satwar, Sep 18, 2020.

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  1. satwar


    Sep 18, 2020
    The snow sensor is on the left side of the drawing. It is programed to detect the presence of snow in the logic processor which sends a control signal to the EZIO2x4 which in turn operates the ice heaters in the roof gutters. The sensor runs on 24 VDC and has 3 wires (2 for power and 1 for signal output). The problem appears to be what to do with the white control wire.

    The EZIO2x4 controller has a wiring panel for configuration. I have been able to successfully configure the controller connections to trigger an alarm. The EZIO2x4 has an internal 5 VDC supply which is tied to optical isolation I1+ and I1- then connected to an alarm dry contact and finally tied to GND. I know the circuit works because the Insteon network picks up and displays the alarm.

    I haven't had any success yet with the snow sensor. For one thing it operates on 24 VDC. I dropped in some optical isolation (I2+ to I2-) before returning to 24 VDC ground, but I'm not sure of any repercussions

    Any help would be appreciated. As you tell by my use of terminology I am a novice..

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  2. satwar


    Sep 18, 2020
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