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Need help building or finding a 5/7.3/8Vdc power supply.

Discussion in 'Power Electronics' started by bstegner, Feb 24, 2020.

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  1. bstegner


    Feb 23, 2020
    I have recently come in to possession of a Videonics MXPro DV video mixer that was built around the year 2000 (retail $2500). I am wanting to use this as a TBC (Timebase Corrector) to help in the transferring old VHS tapes to digital. The problem is I need a power supply for it and its not a simple one. I could not find any for sale on ebay or searching Google. It has a 8 pin DIN male connector and caries 3 different voltages; +5Vdc/5.0A, +7.3Vdc/0.6A and -8Vdc/0.4A. See the pin out in the picture that I found on Google. I know enough about electronics to solder on broken parts and test/replace capacitors and have a single output bench power supply and a Weller Digital Soldering Station, but not sure how I could even rig something up to work. Here are some of my questions...

    1. It shows 3 pins with +5V, can/should this be one 5V leg? that is split to each pin? Or will I need 3 discrete 5V power supplies?
    2. I ass-u-me that there are 3 Grounds, one for each of the different voltages?
    3. How do I add just a -8V leg without a +8V leg?
    4. If I get 3 or 4 donor power supplies in the needed voltages and amps, would I be able to just plug them all into a power strip after wiring them all up to correct pins and power the device safely? Assuming no lose connections or unplugging/turning off one of the power supplies at different times.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



  2. ramussons


    Jun 10, 2014
    Check whether all the Grounds are Electrically Common. If yes, all the +5 volts can be from the same supply.

    A separate 8 Volts supply with the +ve grounded.

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