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Need guidance on SMPS repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BFriedl, Dec 6, 2003.

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  1. BFriedl

    BFriedl Guest

    From thread "Need guidance on SMPS repair"
    runaway 130v.

    When turned on before I started troubleshooting, I got no HV and no
    sound. All I heard was a click sound of main relay turning on. First
    thing to go were some inductors on the convergance board. So perhaps it
    is the bad dynamic focus IC? Should I try powering this set on without
    convergance board in set? Or are there some caps on the vert board that
    need checking first?

    Here is a repost of March, 2002:

    "I was having wiring problems in my house for"
    "about 2 months and it recently tripped the"
    "circuit breaker. When the power was fixed, I"
    "powered up my TV (was on this same circuit)"
    "some smoke started to billow out of the front"
    "grille below the screen. I took off the black"
    "cover and found the convergance board with some"
    "fried inductors on it."
    "Could this have been caused by my power problems,"
    "slowly eating away at it with the constant sags"
    "and surges?? Or did the ps go bad?"

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  2. BWL

    BWL Guest

    Yeah, unplug the convergence board power leads; set will start up without it.
    If one or more of the inductors smoked, the IC connected to them is definitely
    bad. Sounds like you got one hell of a surge!
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