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need FM antenna help

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Pintlar, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Pintlar

    Pintlar Guest

    I cannot get the local station '91.3' (25 miles distance in mountainous
    I can receive it fine in my auto 30 feet away from my Sony 'GX5ESII'
    receiver, where I can only get it by holding two 20ga. doorbell wires in a
    certain position, with the mass of my body necessary to achieve this.
    My Sony has two FM antenna plugs (300 ohm and 75 ohm) but I can only get any
    reception at all on the 300 ohm I'm using.
    Years ago a friend told me to use a dipole but he didn't know the
    Would I best use a coaxial from the receiver to the dipole junction?
    I sure would appreciate any help as the only radio I now enjoy (old age) is
  2. micky

    micky Guest


    Car radios are better than home radios, probably because the car's
    sheet metal acts as a ground plane, whatever that is.

    Home radios vary a lot in quality, and price and brandname are not
    clearly related to how well they receive stations.

    I have radios from 40 years agol that work better than new radios that
    have more famous, more presigious brands that sold for more, even
    allowing for inflation.

    Also, for best results on most FM table radios, the power cord, which
    is the antenna on most of them, needs to be stretched out at least
    somewhat, and maybe pointed at the station. (Although inmy experience
    direction hasnt' made a difference but beting stretched out and not
    rolled or folded up has made a tremendous one. It's reproduceable.
    I move the cord and the reception gets better or worse.

    While it might help to add an external antenna and somehow couple it
    to the radio, I didn't get much from buying one, including the 40 foot
    folded dipole I put in the attic. .

    Instead, I woudl say you should keep buying radios for 3, 4, 10
    dollars at Goodwill Industries and yard sales until you find ones that
    reliabley get your station.

    Radios that allow the AFC to be turned off are a good idea too. Tune
    to the weak station with the AFC off, and then turning the AFC on
    might keep the radio on that frequency.

    I live in Balitmore and wan t to get 88.5 and 90.1 in DC. A lot of
    radios won't do it. My most expensive table radio will, but iirc my
    even more expensive name brand receiver with digital tuning and
    multiople inputs and switches for mulitple stes of speakers won't.

    A tube radio from the 60's would get them, but evertunally it broke
    beyond my abiltity to repair it. A cheap clock radio gets them
    both, and a cheap non-clock radio does also.

    When I get them, I use a permanent marker to note where on the dial
    the station is. So I wont' pass by it when the radio's cord is in
    the wrong position.

    WRT AM, I was on a long campaign to get WRC, 980 in washington when I
    was inside, not just in the car. Never succeeded and then WRC changed
    to a weaker transmitter and a different frequency, and I couldn't even
    get it in the car.
  3. Guest

    Get a similar or the same car radio from a junk yard. Get a car
    antenna too. Buy a 12v power supply. Radio shack used to have them
    and likely still does. CB guys used to use them to power a auto CB
    radio in the house. Anyhow, hook the car radio to the power supply,
    put that antenna on the roof, and enough wire to feed the antenna to
    the radio and you should get the station. when you mount the antenna
    on the roof, try to get a ground plane. If you have a metal roof, you
    have a ground plane. Otherwise a metal rain gutter may work. If
    nothing else, run several 6 ft. or longer wires from the base of the
    antenna in different directions. (like a big X with the antenna in the
    middle). Fasten these wires to something, but dont nail into your
    roof. Fasten to a chimney, vent stack, rain gutter hangers, etc.
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