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Need expert advice on power supply circuits

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by BrianS, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. BrianS

    BrianS Guest

    I need some expert advice on a power supply circuit. Normally I would
    have asked my friend who was an electronic wiz, but he's just passed
    away this year so I need a new electronic expert. I know this is
    probably a lot to ask, but I figured there might be some kind
    soul who might lend a little of their time. I would gladly exchange
    what knowledge I have on other subjects such as AutoCAD, Linux,
    programming, etc.

    I want to make a power supply circuit for a foam cutter and I've been
    researching them on the Internet, but I don't know enough about
    electronics to judge which one would be best and if any of them could
    be modified (safely) to fit some of the parts I already have. My skills
    are limited to soldering and following a good set of instructions, not

    I've found these different designs:
    wire. So I have some stainless steel wire (0.020in DIA) left over from
    a different project. I have no idea what ohms/foot rating this wire
    has. Also, I have a working transformer that is 120V input and
    12V 8amp output that I would like to utilize. (Most of these designs
    call for 24V transformers.)

    My questions are:
    1. Which design do you think would give the best control of the wire
    2. Can any of these designs work with the wire and transformer that I
    already have? If so what changes to the components (if any) would be

    Thanks in advance
  2. Joseph2k

    Joseph2k Guest

    I understand your position. Most of us here get paid to do that kind of
    work. I could offer you some improvements to the design (gets rid of
    short / long wire problems). The transformer and stainless steel wire are
    reasonable for the project. Think in terms of trading / barter.
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