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Need cover housing for a speaker of 30mm

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Bob_Squarepants, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. Bob_Squarepants


    Apr 15, 2018
    Hello people,

    I have a 30mm mini speaker who came with a housing of 60mm but that is too big for my need.

    I'm looking for a housing but max 45mm of diameter. Did you have any idea where found this ?

    another exemple of housing
  2. dave9


    Mar 5, 2017
    If all you mean by "housing" is a foam cover for it, just buy a cheap pair of headphones and take the foam covers off of them. If you instead mean that you need something that the speaker sits in and that the foam cover attaches to the front of, how about a plastic food container(salad dressing bottle, etc.) lid? You could hot glue or epoxy an o-ring to the open end of it to create a lip for the foam cover to grip onto, or just hot glue the foam on around the perimeter.
  3. Audioguru


    Sep 24, 2016
    The tiny 1.25" speaker is a squeaker, not a loudspeaker. Its resonance will be 300Hz or higher with no low frequencies.
  4. Alec_t


    Jul 7, 2015
    As dave suggests, container lids? The lids of plastic milk bottles here are ~35mm ID.
  5. FuZZ1L0G1C


    Mar 25, 2014
    You could also try pawn-shops or yard-sales for miniature satellite speaker boxes (usually cheapo plastic housings), or use plywood, hole-saw, and speaker-cloth to construct a pair.
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  6. Bob_Squarepants


    Apr 15, 2018
    Hello every one,

    thank you for your posts, finaly I have found my happiness in ebay , I buy a bunch of
    Foam Ear Pad Sponge Earpads in various format on ebay.

    but now I'm facing another problem with this project : Welding audio cable togethere
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