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Need coaxial cable with special F-type connector

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by woodpecker, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. woodpecker

    woodpecker Guest

    The female end of my cable connector on my TV has gotten finicky and
    doesn't do well with the typical F-type coaxial cable connector with
    the narrow band for tightening that comes from my VCR. The picture
    occasionally goes out and wiggling it brings it back, temporarily.
    But if I connect the cable directly from the wall to the TV, it works
    fine. That connector has a wide ring that can slide up or down the
    cable but when screwed onto the female end, apparently snugs the male
    connector in better. (I have a photo of this other connector if I
    could post it somewhere. Is there a place to post photos for this
    group?) If needed, I will try to contact aaarfproducts per their

    The cable connector in the TV has also turned some when I tightened
    down connectors I was trying, but, again, the TV is working fine with
    direct cable.

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It's probably more to do with the length of the wire of the center pin, you
    could try swapping the cable with the one that came from the wall, or you
    could replace the connector on the TV, it'll probably get worse.
  3. woodpecker

    woodpecker Guest

    Thanks for your reply! Am I correct in assuming that the center wire
    needs to be longer (as opposed to some set length)? And when you say
    it'll probably get worse, are you referring to the female part on the
    TV? This is something that typically goes out? (It is a 12-year-old
    Sony TV.) Is that something I could change out myself (with little
    electrical experience or tools)? I took off the TV housing and saw
    that it goes into a silver-colored "box".
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