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Need Advice on Electronic Tech Careers

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Peter, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    I'm an experienced software developer who is considering making a career change in the hopes of finding better
    employment opportunities. One of the options I'm considering is getting an A.S. Degree in Electronics (or Photonics).
    What is the job/career outlook for hands-on electronic techs in the USA?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  2. change in the hopes of finding better
    an A.S. Degree in Electronics (or Photonics).
    I really don't know about the demand in the US as a whole. I know we (small
    company of 40 or so engineers and techs) are always looking for good techs.
    We recently had the local ITT Tech. campus send us several recent graduates
    for interviews. We have a simple test we give techs. It has 10
    questions/problems, all of which are very simple. It includes things like
    voltage across a resistor in a dc circuit, parallel combination of
    resistors, questions on identifying the symbols for differnt types of
    transistors (pnp, npn, etc). I have not done anything with electronics or
    dc circuits for 7 years and I can answer every question. Out of 6 or so
    applicants, none could pass. None even got more than 3 correct!!!!!!! We
    ended up hiring a guy whose only training was electronics school in the
    Airforce several years ago. He answered all 10 questions correctly with no
    problem. We called him back and had him answer some oral questions and also
    do some simple things like solder. He is a keeper.

    If you do go back for an A.S., please learn something. Don't just beat in
    your time to get your grade and go on. A good electronics tech with a
    strong software background can do quite well in my opinion.

    Charles Perry P.E.
  3. Matt Collins

    Matt Collins Guest

    Are positions like that ever filled by EE graduates? It seems like a job in
    the meantime, till you get a real engineering position.

  4. Yes. We had an engineer in a tech position for about 6 months. We both
    understood that it was a temporary arrangement. He wanted to work a while
    and then go back to school. We would hire an engineer into such a position.
    However, we have to consider that fact that the engineer is more likely to
    up and leave. Of course the engineer might also work himself up to an
    engineering position in the company when one became available.

    Charles Perry P.E.
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