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Need a new charger for AA NiMH batteries

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by The Real Andy, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. I bought some cheapie PowerBase brand batteries a while back that have
    been fantastic, however they have finally died. Use the batteries on
    my camera flash (canon 430ex). I am going to go out and by some more
    powerbase batteries tomorrow (unless someone suggest a better brand)
    and would not mind buying a decent charger. The charger I have is a
    pretty cheap piece of crap, so I figured replaceing it wont hurt. Any
    suggestions? I know nothing about NiMh chemistry and recharging, so
    figured this might be the place to ask.

    Phil, waiting on your flames!
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "The Real Andy"

    ** I charge my NiMh AAs with a home brew, bench PSU that has a continuously
    variable voltage and current limit.

    400mA for about 5 hours is the go, I reckon.

    When they feel a tad warmish - they're cooked !!

    Never owned a commercial battery charger in my life.

    I cook my own pizzas too.

    ...... Phil
  3. I used to work for a company that imported and sold cordless phones wth
    NiMH batteries.

    We were getting battery failures or faulty batteries.... I designed a "MEGA
    battery charger tester" for 5- batteries

    The design used a LM317T in a constant current circuit 20mA..... worked a

    See these web links

    Use a 10th of the mAmp/rating for an overnight ~ 14hour charge

  4. Oh whoopsie do!
    In one of your toasters?
  5. Colin

    Colin Guest

    I'd have a close look at Sanyo Eneloop batteries before you do. I think
    some of the generic makers are copying them now.

    Biggest problem with rechargeables in my camera, is that I use it lots, I
    have 4 sets of batteries, but often there are many weeks in between and
    the self discharge of normal rechargeables is atrocious. I always had
    half full batteries, and had to charge fully before use - and how do you
    know you are going to need it in 2 days time - ridiculous situation.

    The Eneloops are amazing, totally different situation. They are always
    nearly full, and I don't have to know that I am going to use them tomorrow

    With the number of rechargeable devices in this house, not having low
    self discharge batteries is asking for lots more work.

    Cheers, Colin
  6. Andy Wood

    Andy Wood Guest

    I don't use my camera that much, but I had the same experience with
    Eneloops. I had ordinary NiMH batteries (Jaycar "Powertech") in my
    Canon camera. Half the time when I wanted to use the camera, they
    would let me down. I had to resort to always taking a spare set of
    alkaline AAs with me.

    About a year ago I changed over to Eneloops and they are way better. I
    have only charged them two or three times since I got them - each time
    just before I knew I was going to be using the camera more than usual
    (old habits die hard).

    Just recently I needed some more to use in another camera. I
    considered getting some "Eneloop copies" that I happened to see at
    Aldi. I decided not to take a punt on those as DSE (sorry, DS) had
    real Eneloops for not that much more.

    Andy Wood
  7. My batteries in the flash cop a good hiding. I think I have had about
    3 years usage from the current lot. I thought they were stuffed but it
    turns out it was the charger. The charger is designed to charge AAA
    with an inbuilt adaptor that flips down, up is AA, down is AAA. The
    must have been some issue with the contacts, because after I flipped
    it down then back up it started charging the batteries.
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