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Need a dc converter

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], May 5, 2013.

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    I need some help finding an off the shelf fairly compact dc converter boards that provides two adjustable outputs, one positive and one negative in order to drive power op amps. The input supply will be 12 to 15 volts DC filtered but unregulated (current not an issue), and the outputs I need are plus and minus 5 volts at about 1200ma continuous. For logistical reasons, I'd rather not build them as they are needed to modify some older industrialequipment, some of which is across the country, and there is quite a few of them.
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    It's been some time but I did see those in the Newark catalog, however right now I do not even know if they're still in business. If not, seems to me that WW Grainger should have what you need. Perhaps even Digikey. If you use Google to find Digikey, make sure you go to the one that is one word, notDigi-Key. I have no idea who those people are, the one you want is one word Digikey. Their website is actually pretty good, at least you can get the price before going to checkout like some places.
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    Those things are like fifty bucks.
  4. Do you need the +/- supplies to be regulated? Or can you make a "rail
    splitter" to give yourself a ground that floats between the power
    rails? (another power opamp could be the rail splitter.)

    (You could do a rail splitter and then +/-5 volt regulators... but at
    12V you start to run out of head room.)

    George H.
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