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Need 12 volt to 14 volt ac transformer

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by [email protected], Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hi I need to convert 12 volts ac to 24 volts ac for an outdoor
    lighting project low amperage, say 500 ma. I am looking for a small
    boosting transformer on the cheap. Any suggestions on where I can find
    something like this? Alternately I could use a cheap 12 volt ac to 24
    volt dc converter. Google has turned up endless garbage for me.

  2. Skenny

    Skenny Guest

    Im not real sure it will work, but you might try a 24 volt center tapped
    Connect 12 VAC to the center tap and one outside tap.
    You should get 24 VAC from the two outside taps. (I think)
    You will have to hook up a transformer to test it. Also hook up a 24
    volt 500 ma load to the transformer, to make sure it doesnt get too hot.
    This method will not isolate the 12 VAC from the 24 VAC, they will share
    a common. So you need to take this into account.
    Also, you will have 120 VAC present on the other side of the transformer
    (Or what ever voltage the transformers primary is rated at)so you will
    need to insulate it so no one can touch it.
    Also, Im not sure how much current this setup will handle, so you might
    need at least a 1 amp transformer (for 500 ma). But I would go higher
    than that. Since you are doubling the voltage you will at least double
    the current on the 12 VAC. (Have you considered this? Will the 12 volt
    supply handle it?)
    You didnt say what frequency the 12 vac is, Im assuming it is 60 hertz.
    The transformer will have to be rated for the same frequency the 12 vac is.
  3. jasen

    jasen Guest

    use a centre-tapped 24v 600mA(or larger) transformer as an autotransformer,
    drive half of the 24v side take output from the whole thing , leave the
    primary unconnected, (but insulate the terminals)
    voltage-doubler: 2 diodes 2 capacitors.

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