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Nedd a new attic antenna? Amplified.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mm, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. mm

    mm Guest

    My old amplified antenna in the attic has failed, and I don't think I
    can fix it.

    I would buy a new amplified antenna, but so far, the ones I see are
    advertised iiuc like the digital age has not arrived. Maybe I
    should wait until they are selling antennas that are really designed
    for digital???

    Two say, "Has FM trap so strong FM signals won't interfere with
    channels 2 to 13. But iiuc, there's either no or no special
    likelihood that channels 2 to 13 are anywhere near the FM frequencies
    anymore, right?

    The outdoor non-amp antennas have lots of elements and look just like
    they used to, but aren't those elements tuned to old VHF channels,
    whose frequencies aren't in use anymore?

    Or am I confused and what they are selling now is as good as it will
    get any time soon?

    (I don't have HD or large screen tvs and don't plan to get them.

    Right now, not counting the array of weather channels, I'm getting 10
    stations in Baltimore and DC with just a 7 foot single strand of wire
    stuck into the coax connector on back of the DVDR-with-hard-drive, and
    that would be enough if there weren't at least 6 others I think I
    could get just by having a better antenna.)

  2. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    There aint no digital antennas.
    The received signal might be used for digital purposes,
    but that does not make it digital.
    So just get an antenna for the required frequency band.
    That should solve it.
  3. mm

    mm Guest

    Thanks Dave, and thanks everyone.

    I appreciate all the info.

    I know that the antenna doesn't care if the signal is analog or
    digital, but it does acar about frequencies. But I was mistaken about
    VHS not being used anymore, so than you for clearing that up.

    here was also a third thing in some of the ads that seemed to me to
    be irrelevant now, and yet they mentioned it, but I wasn't making a
    list when I saw it and I forget now.

    But if I can't get my current amplified antenna, or another one
    working again, I'll buy another one soon, since no new improvement is
    on the horizon. The semicicular ring one I took off a trashed
    sateliite dish seemed to be working a little bit since I got channel 9
    for the first time, but I have to reconnect it.

    Like I say, I'm getting ten stations now, and of the six I might get
    in the future, 3 are DC's version of NBC, CBS, and Fox, and one is
    another verions of MPT. Most of the time they play the same programs
    as stations I get now, but not always. I lengthened my wire last
    night from 7 feet to 13 feet but it didn't bring in anything new.
  4. Sofa Slug

    Sofa Slug Guest

  5. mm

    mm Guest

    The thing is that when I bought my first amplified antenna, I got all
    the stations in DC that I hadn't been able to get before. I live in
    NW Baltimore. No need to borrow a ladder or risk my neck on the roof.

    The first and second ones have broken, so I can't help thinking that a
    new amplifed antenna in same place in the attic will also bring in all
    the DC stations.

    Does anyone want to recommend any attic-mountable amplified antenna?
    There is plenty of room up there.

    Omni-Directionality isn't important because DC is 35 miles from here
    and everything is approximately the same direction.
  6. mm

    mm Guest

    I"m 35 miles from DC but I'm in a valley. I don't think I have line
    of sight to DC, but I still get channel 7.1,2,3 now and got channel 9
    for the first time yesterday.
    Even with digital, a preamp can cause overload??

    I did have that before on some stations, so I had a switch next to the
    tuner (the vcr) to disconnect the antenna and leave only a foot of
    co-ax. Any station that would overload worked fine with only the
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