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NEC MT1040 Bulp repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Reiner Schall, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. I own a NEC Multisync MT1040 Projector. The lifetime of the Bulp is
    aprox. 2000h But after about 1000h the lamp get very dark an there is
    only little contrast left.
    Is it possible just to change the bulb an not the whole frame? Where
    do I get information and the bulp? Do someone know anything?

    Please answer in newsgroup, cause I don't check the email.

    Thanx, Reiner
  2. Ray

    Ray Guest

    I own a NEC Multisync MT1040 Projector. The lifetime of the Bulp is
    Lamp life depends on many things including how well the lamp was made in
    the first place. Don't forget to clean the filter often. If clogged, it makes
    the lamp run hotter than normal, and that can shorten its life. A few other
    things to keep in mind: 1. any time you turn the projector on, let it run at
    least five minutes before you shut it down. 2. Don't unplug the projector
    for several minutes (until the fans stop) after turning it off. 3. As with
    any high temp lamp, never touch the glass with your fingers (skin oil will
    cause damage).
    If there is a "generic" number on the glass, you may be able to find a
    replacement by doing a search on that number... but you will likely not save
    much money that way assuming you can find just the bulb. Try
    for a replacement. I have a service manual in .pdf format if you need it.
    It's a big 'un... about 12 Megs.

  3. You'd save over $100 just buying it directly from NEC rather than bulbman.
    There are a few other distributors that have it a little cheaper, but even
    if you can find the lamp without the frame, the vendors that might have it
    will likely be more $. I have not found these lamps less than about 10%
    below NEC's pricing.

    A good resource for crossing lamps, BTW, is

    You can also find a list of vendors at

  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Sounds like the unit was started frequently, the rated lifespan is for
    relatively long run cycles, starting up is very hard on these. I've heard of
    people replacing just the bulb but it takes some doing. Best to do some
    research online for this one, it's not a trivial matter and the lamps can be
    dangerous to handle. Optical alignment is critical and many characteristics
    of the lamp will effect this.
  5. Thanks again, Ray.

    Last year you helped me with the service manual. By the way: I
    couldn't fix the problem. I had to gave the projector away. The
    problem was what I sugested - a fuse. But I couldn't find the fuse
    within the projector, even with the manual. Nevertheless thank you

  6. radio jim

    radio jim Guest

    Hi Ray and Reiner.
    I also am searching for a copy of the service manual for a NEC MT1040
    data projector as I have one with problems (I have spent a lot of tim
    searching the NET, all to no avail). If anybody has a cop
    electronically, would they be able to advise me as to how I ca
    obtain/download it.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Regards Jim
  7. dizman

    dizman Guest

    Hi Ray, Reiner, Sandy, Jim, anyone!

    I'm searching for this manual too. If anyone could help me I'd reall
    appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,
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