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NEC FS-6805S

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by [email protected], Sep 29, 2006.

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    Hi, I have a friends TV at home, complete frame collapse. I replaced
    all of the electro's in the vertical section & the vertical output ic
    (LA 7838) checked the Vcc reistor from the flyback transformer,
    switched on & nill change. I know that it is probably not economical
    to fix, but, she can't really afford a new one & I've got the time to
    play with it. I haven't got the voltages with me at the moment, but pin
    1 has 12V, & pin 13 has 27V. I've checked the deflection coil, plugs &
    sockets for continuity.
    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ian S.
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    Hi Eric, thanks for the response.
    I have pin 1 = 12V
    pin 8 = 28V
    pin 13 = 27.39V
    pin 12 = 16.66V
    Because of other parallel conections, I couldn't measure the resistance
    between pins 11 & 12 but in circuit it is a couple of K. If I have
    to ground on pin 12 the ic doesn't have a short circuit output. There
    is no sawtooth waveform on the output, hence no drive to the yolk coil.
    Does the output ic need a trigger input from the jungle ic on pin 2 to
    oscillate ? I suspect that this is the reason for the no frame drive.
    Looking forward to you response,
    Ian Sutherland.
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