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NEC 1810X LCD Repair Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Scott Carlson, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. I apologize if this comes through Twice.

    I've got 4 bad NEC 1810X LCD Monitors. I've searched all over the web for
    some schematics/etc and wasn't able to obtain any, anywhere due to the fact
    that I'm not an authorized repair person. I was able to find a thread on
    google news from May on this very monitor from this newsgroup, so I was
    hoping to get some help from those of you who have more experience then me
    on repairing these monitors.

    Basically, the monitor powers up just fine and I can see the "glow" coming
    through the case and the screen seems to be 'lit' a bit. The DVI has no
    signal when I plug the monitors into my laptop, thus I figured that it must
    be the inverter board, per the articles from May. When I switch to external
    monitor, the light goes green to indicate that it "sees" the signal. When I
    unplug the DVI cable, it goes orange.

    I've attached this description and pictures here:

    So, assuming that one of these is bad, how in the world do I go about
    replacing a fuse this tiny. I haven't ever worked with anything this small
    and would rather not break a few inverter boards (I have 4 monitors
    currently all doing the same thing) learning how to replace a fuse.

    I'm really out of practice with my meter too, but should be able to easily
    isolate the problem, assuming that one of these fuses is bad, as JW, Dave
    Walker, and Richard Anderson pointed out back in May. (Here)

    Can someone please give me some pointers as what the best way to go about
    removing these fuses and replacing them is. Is it as simple as pulling out
    my soldering iron and pulling them out/replacing with a 1.5A or 1.25A from
    Fry's Electronics?

    Also, if I'm barking up the wrong tree here, got any other suggestions and
    some sources of replacement parts if I need them? Thanks in advance to any

    Scott Carlson

    {news} {at} {scottc} {dot} {org}
  2. Mike Kennedy

    Mike Kennedy Guest

    Eh? You say that you see a glow? From what the lcd? Orange lights on what??
    Is this lcd on your laptop or is it a standalone monitor? If it lights up
    the inverter is working. The inverter is what powers the CFL tubes (little
    flourscent lights inside the lcd). Sounds like you might have a lcd
    controlere card problem, but who knows. When you say DVI has no signal what
    do you mean, you get no picture?

    Your problem could be the laptop. You usually have to push a button on the
    laptop to enable video out on vga or dvi ports. Try it on a desktop and see
    if it works.

    - Mike
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