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Navionics charts

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Daniel, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    I have a Navionics MMC for my Raymarine C120 display and would like to
    be able to look at the maps on my laptop while at home. No problem in
    reading the file with a card reader but then? There are several nv2
    binary files and I have no idea on how to handle them beside opening
    them (uselessly) with emacs.
    Any free or cheap software to read them?

  2. I've placed my Navionics card in my laptop without any issues. It's a
    compact flash card, nothing else. Do you think that it has some special
    logic built in? You're nuts if you think that...

    -- Geoff
  3. Daniele Fua

    Daniele Fua Guest

    I agree with you. Just plain binary files on a particular medium that
    can be copied, looked at or whatever you may think of.
    Unfortunately nobody seems to be able to answer my question: having
    lawfully bought a card for my cartographic gps, what can I do to make
    that bunch of HEX (or BINARY) digits helpful on my home PC without
    applying for a mortgage? I already applied for it to buy the gps and the
    original Navionics card... :)

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