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Navcenter 600

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Mike, Jul 18, 2004.

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  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Does anyone out there have a Raymarine Navcenter 600? Mine has strange
    behavior. It turns itself off after 20-30 minutes of operation. I don't see
    a pattern. At first I thought there might be an "idle timeout" where it
    turns itself off after a certain amount of inactivity. Today, at the dock, I
    was programming some route info into it and after about 30 minutes it turned
    itself off. It would not immediately turn back on. After a couple minutes,
    it did come back on, but then turned itself off again after 20 minutes.

    So, I presume this is not normal behavior, a timeout, or such. Perhaps it is
    an overheating problem?

    Anyone have any ideas about this phenomenon?


    Water Wing
    Beneteau 40CC
  2. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Thanks for the tips, Lisa.


  3. Dick Evans

    Dick Evans Guest

    Had the same problem, found out thru the Raymarine site that they
    had a problem with the earlier software. I updated mine and it worked.

  4. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Dick, thanks for the tip.

    Is the update available online and something I can do, or is it a trip to
    the factory for the unit?

    Thanks much,

  5. Dick Evans

    Dick Evans Guest

    I had to change the chip to update the software. This is how I
    found a solution to the problem. Got this info from Raymarine site:

    I recently bought a trade-in Raychart 620 (software version V1.01) and a new
    112LP. The scale reduces over a period of time (with a beep, as if one were
    doing it manually) until it reaches the smallest scale. It will then
    occasionally go into a "suspend" mode where the screen goes blank but the
    power is still on. I tried a different cartridge but the same problem

    There was a minor anomaly with the software in an early version of the
    Raychart 620 that could cause the same symptoms you describe. The software
    code version is indicated in the "Copyright 1996 Raymarine" box, that
    appears during boot-up. Raychart 620's fall into two categories: early units
    that were simply called Raychart 620 and later units called Raychart 620+.
    This is clearly indicated on the face of the unit. The latest software
    version for RC620 is V5.01 and for the 620+, V2.00. If your machine
    indicates any version lower than this, it should be updated by your local

    To update your Raychart 620, they would need to order part number
    R38001-501, the software upgrade kit. It contains two EEPROM chips that must
    be changed inside the machine. This will bring your 620 up to the latest
    (and final) release build.

  6. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Dick, I appreciate all the info. My unit is an Autohelm Navcenter 600. I
    believe it is the same as the Raymarine 620, so I presume the software
    issues are the same. My software level is 1.02, and I presume that is a good
    place to look for a solution.

    Many thanks!


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