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Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by James F. Mayer, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. What do I need to use this card to control an HP 8568 Spectrum
    analyzer, other than HPIB cables from my computer and what OS (WIN 3.1, 95,
    98) should be used? Drivers? Library? Where do I go for them?
  2. Aidan Grey

    Aidan Grey Guest

    Go to for drivers for your card. There are
    some programming examples on their site as well.

    You will probably need the programming manual for the
    HP 8568 to do anything with it. Go to for
    information on the HP 8568.

    Aidan Grey
  3. Paul D.Smith

    Paul D.Smith Guest

    You will probably need the programming manual for the
    Does "LabView" support this device? Also, you might want to consider a
    newer card/device so you're not locked into an obsolete PC. For example,
    there are Ethernet/GPIB controllers available which would allow you to then
    control it from any networked PC (but again probably using something like

    Paul DS.
  4. KC

    KC Guest

    I have a NI GPIB controller in a PC and it works OK with LV7.1

    I will check this week if you can do something with MAX from NI.

  5. KC

    KC Guest

    Yes, you can use MAX to talk to your board and scan for devices and
    much more...

  6. John Miles

    John Miles Guest

    Well, you certainly don't want to use Win 3.1 with it -- you'll never
    find any applications. According to the table at , you need the NI 1.7 driver
    for that card.

    The 8568 is supported by the GPIB Toolkit software at the link below, so
    once you've got the drivers installed, you might give it a try.

    -- jm
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