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Nalcor Door Alarm

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Rick, Aug 1, 2004.

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  1. Rick

    Rick Guest

    I have a Nalcor Door Alarm which was installed on the door of a trailer
    we've acquired. The seller does not know the code for the alarm. We have
    tried different codes, but none of them seem to work. There is a set switch
    on the back which we have tried to use to set a code, but we can't seem to
    figure out the right sequence of codes, keys, etc. I have looked on the
    internet but can find no information on Nalcor alarms. The alarm is battery
    operated and the main unit (the part that attaches to the door) is 8 1/2" by
    1 3/4". The unit has a sliding switch with settings for Instant, Delay and
    Off. There is a red button marked "Alarm" and then a numeric keypad. On
    the back of the unit (the part that would be attached to the door) in the
    battery compartment, there is a switch with settings for "Normal" and "Set".

    Does anyone have any information on Nalcor or any idea of how to set the
    code on these units?
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