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Mystery Laptop (Compaq Presario 1060) Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brad, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Guest


    Mystery problem with Compaq Presario 1060 Laptop.

    Note: I service TVs, etc., rarely service a computer.

    PROBLEM (Hard Disk Drive is fine):

    On the same day (no storm and it wasn't dropped) this laptop
    started to have read/write problems with the floppy disk drive
    (several disks tried). Also, the CD rom drive no longer could read home
    "burned" CDs, which it never had trouble reading before. However,
    the CD rom drive has no trouble reading commercial CDs ("stronger

    Using a software diagnostic tool on the floppy disk drive, a series of
    tests were performed and the only test that failed (error # 603-08) was
    the Write/Read/Compare test.

    Note: Sometimes a floppy disk can be read in part, then everything
    "freezes" to the point that I have to turn off the computer (Ctrl, Alt, & Del
    doesn't work). There never is a "Abort/Retry...." message as happens when you
    have a faulty disk or no disk in the drive.

    It's as though the read/write heads in the floppy drive and the read
    "head" in the CD rom drive lost "sensitivity" at the same time!!
    What do you think is causing this problem?

    Thanks in advance, Brad

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  2. Did you take your laptop through a dust storm?

    Try cleaning them both.

    - Mike
  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Since the CD drive and Floppy Drive are two independent electro-mechanical
    devices. What specifically is in common with them?
    Motherboard, BIOS, Operating System, Possible Dirt and Debris, plus many
    other probabilities. As suggested, try cleaning them first then delve into
    more through diagnostics. Try downloading a couple of diagnostics that will
    run from the Hard Drive. Google is your friend in finding them.
  4. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Uh, sorry to seem snarky, but just replace the freakin' floppy drive, it's
    like $13. Same with the CD drive. One hour of labor costs more than both
    of these hardware devices combined. Floppy drives are crap, nobody uses
    them any more in fact there is not a single laptop on the <new> market today
    which has an internal floppy drive. The reason nobody uses them is because
    they are unreliable, both the hardware and the media are exposed to the
    external environment at all times.

    Replace the CD drive, and blow $59 for a USB flash drive instead of
    replacing the floppy.

    Just my 2 cents.
  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    They're plenty reliable, I have some going on 15 years old that still
    work fine. The reason nobody uses them anymore is that the amount of
    data they store is tiny, I have a USB stick about 1/4 the size of a
    stick of chewing gum on my keyring that holds about 700 1.44mb floppies
    worth of data.
  6. Heck, and I thought this was a *repair* group. :) Well, OK, I guess replacing
    drives to repair the laptop qualifies but the most likely explanation for his
    problems are that they got dirty. And that's a few minutes and not of your
    very valuable time. ;-)

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  7. If my popup toaster or other $8 appliance dies I may well poke around inside
    of it. But even I - who once made a living fixing small appliances and the
    like - don't bother now. When floppies were $200 - $300 each we fixed them.
    At $10 it ain't going to happen.
  8. Yeah, but don't laptop drives typically cost more than $10? I havn't priced
    on in ages so I don't know..

    If it were me I'd just clean them and lube them both and see what happens.

    - Mike
  9. Certainly they used to, as was the case with most laptop components.
    They tended to not be standard in the past, so you paid more. I was
    under the impression that it wasn't just laptop versus desktop, but
    the parts tended to be specific to a manufacturer, so there was no
    such thing as a "laptop floppy" but a floppy drive for Brand A and
    a different floppy drive for Brand B. That tends to keep prices high.

    I have no idea whether that's the case in more recent years or not.

  10. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Age of unit is what 7 or so years old? My guess is coincedental failure.
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