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My thoughts on driving a coil

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by cul8r, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. cul8r


    Sep 16, 2009
    I]'ve been using this design for a long time and it works better than anything I've ever seen posted for a coil driver. Using a step motor I dug out of an old printer I droveit with yet another electric motor I pulled from a rc car with a proper power supply and speed control I can control the rpms of the assembly from anywhere from 800 to 6000 rpm. Now the reason for driving a step motor is you get an indistructable square wave source, unlike a fragle 555 timer set-up that blows out if you look at it or is expossed to high frequency. By using this adjustable square wave set-up I can then drive a large transistor or more preferrably a good choice of a fet mos type transistor. I like a easy to get or cross refference part number like a 2sk2847 which can handle 900 volts and about 6 amps. I'm only currently running 250 volts from a small machine transformer which limits my amps to 3 and then through a full wave rectifier and one big capacitor. The output of the gm high energy coil i'm using driven by this driver is incredable and way surpasses anything that I've ever seen as a suggestion online. It actually burns 14 guage wire back quite far if used to strike an arc with. Try this for yourselves you are bound to like it . If anyone is seriously wanting to put one of these together and can't understand anyting in particular please post a request for a shcematic or I also have a few pics I
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