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My Electric PC Dream

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Radium, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Radium

    Radium Guest


    I am currently daydreaming about electricity that is direct current
    [and has no frequency], extremely high-voltage, thin-channeled, and
    extremely low-amperage and a PC that runs on such electricity.

    This electricity is a max of only 1 watt. The amperage is a max of 1
    electron per second. The width of the electric channel is only 1
    electron thick, hence it is "thin-channeled". The voltage is high
    enough that it can pass through air.

    In addition, this electricity does not generate any perceptible heat
    when passing through air. A computer running on this electricity never
    gets hot enough to need any cooling equipment. I can touch the
    electric parts of a device when on, without feeling any heat.

    Since this electricity can pass through air without metal, it is

    Chips using this electricity can tolerate electrostatic discharge
    without being damaged to any extent.

    The PC running on this electricity is as fast as the world's current
    best PC.

    In addition, this PC does not contain or need any storage devices,
    vacuum-tubes, glassfets, GaAsFETs, fans, cooling devices, capacitors,
    resistors, magnetic parts, moving parts, semiconductors, discs, or

    All info in the PC is generated in real-time by the high-voltage, low-
    amperage, thin-channeled current itself. So no storage devices are

    This PC does not need much metal since the electricity flows through
    air in the PC.


  2. lacker

    lacker Guest

    you fool

    if parallel single electrons throo air
    then there wold be by sparks and flashes etc

    is this not hot?
  3. Radium

    Radium Guest

    The sparks, flashes, and noticeable heat occur only if there is enough
    amperage-against-resistance and the electron channel is thick enough.
  4. lacker

    lacker Guest

    air has resistance you fool, and electrons
    can only pass throo by sparks

    now kiss my ass
  5. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Yes. However, at a high-enough voltage, electricity can pass through
    even the toughest insulator.
    If its only 1 electron per second and only 1-electron-thick, then
    there won't be any sparks; at least not big enough to see or feel.

  6. Perhaps it is flowing through the air between your ears, airhead.
  7. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al Guest

    [snip crap]

    What will you use as insulation, cerebro-fuckwad?
    What will you use as insulation inside the CPU, cerebro-fuckwad?
    Bremsstrahlung, cerebro-fuckwad.
  8. What is your PayPal address Radium? I want to send you a dollar so you
    can buy yourself a clue.

  9. Guest

    Drugs, alcohol, or both?

    Don't post when in an irrational state.

    <snip idiocy>
  10. Eric Gisse

    Eric Gisse Guest


    Why don't you graduate high school first, 'tard?
  11. Y.Porat

    Y.Porat Guest

    Hi gisse
    undegraduate psychpath and bump parasite

  12. Radium

    Radium Guest

    None necessary.
    None necessary.
    Not at the small energy levels I'm talking about.

  13. One electron per second makes for some pretty goddamned slow computing.
  14. Guest

    Clueless idiot.
    Clueless idiot.
    Energy and power are two different things.

    Clueless idiot.
  15. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Not necessarily. There are low-power PCs that are pretty fast.
  16. Radium

    Radium Guest

    I already said the power is only 1 watt, not nearly enough for
  17. Eric Gisse

    Eric Gisse Guest

    SHUT THE **** UP, CHILD.

    Your ideas are idiotic and you are too stupid to understand the
  18. Eric Gisse

    Eric Gisse Guest

  19. Tim Polmear

    Tim Polmear Guest

    It's a great pity that people can't read an unusual post without
    immediately kicking and clawing at each other to be the first to type
    'fuckwad' and 'moron'. There are too many cowards in the world today.
    (I can imagine them sitting in their lounge rooms watching Star Trek
    and screaming "Mass approaches infinity at the speed of light!

    I don't know if your computer is practical, nor does it really matter.
    Practicality never stopped Asimov filling all his robots with a
    positronic brain which even the technicians of US Robotics couldn't
    understand. It's an interesting idea though I don't confess to
    understanding how you envisage it working.

    "I like to be organised. A place for everything. And everything all over the place."

  20. Yes, and they pass ten gazillion electrons per second.

    Face it, you are fucking lost.
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