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My amazing find

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by ngdbud, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. ngdbud

    ngdbud Guest

    I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of nerd in loving to know
    how things work. I also love music so I know much of how the music
    world works. I was sitting at the computer with guitar in hand looking
    up when I noticed some interference. I know that a guitar pickup works
    by a coil of copper wire wound around a powerful magnet to detect
    changes in magnetic feilds, and that speakers work almost in reverse;
    creating fields by a copper wire wound around a magnet, only this time
    an alternating current in the wire vibrates the magnet attatched to a
    diaphragm. This is when my amazing idea hit, the speakers in my ipod
    ear buds create fields, and my guitar detects them. So I decideed to
    try a little experiment and set my earbuds on my guitar pickups, turned
    the amp up, and hit play. Instantly "Caught Up In You" was blasting
    throughout my bedroom with more than decent sound quality.

    That was just one I thought I'd have to share with the rest of you
  2. ngdbud wrote:
  3. Mike Alpha

    Mike Alpha Guest

    Try this. Put a TV/VCR/DVD <whatever> remote control near your pickups, hit
    a button and you'll be able to listen to the data code pulses being sent to
    the infrared diode.

  4. spudnuty

    spudnuty Guest

    I remember when the first IBM computers came out in the early '60s the
    tech guy who was showing off the computer put a AM radio on top of the
    box. Ran a little program and a tune came out of the radio. I think it
    was Daisy but that might be HAL.
  5. ngdbud

    ngdbud Guest

    Just tried it, I like that one.
  6. RichCI

    RichCI Guest

    Try putting a vibrator up to your pickups.

    (Actually, any motorized device will do - like an electric drill a la
    Van Halen's "Pound Cake" - but a vibrator is probably the most
    interesting piece of hardware you can use.)
  7. west

    west Guest

    Playing my Strat with a cell phone in my front pocket. Phone rings.
    Neighborhood knows.
  8. grolschie

    grolschie Guest

    Or....playing strat with cellphone in pocket. Cellphone gets bumped and
    dials neighbor. Neighbor knows who.... ;-)
    How many times have you been phoned by someone with their cellphone in
    their pocket......
  9. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Ever try locking the keypad? That works for me!
  10. grolschie

    grolschie Guest

    LOL :)
  11. spudnuty

    spudnuty Guest

    I actually hadn't thought about this since I saw it in the '60s.
    I just tried it myself in an eMac that I had on the bench. It was quite
    cool, on start up you could hear the switching power supply start up. I
    wonder if you had an AM receiver that tuned much higher frequencies you
    would hear more interesting stuff. I do have a shortwave receiver but
    it's down. I'm going to try it inside near the motherboard.

    On the vibrator as posted below. Have you tried that while watching TV.
    You get some interesting distortion effects esp if the vibrator has a
    variable control. Hey, Newton stuck things in his eyes.
  12. ck

    ck Guest

    When I was in high school we had an IBM 360 mainframe ( took up the whole
    room ) with a CPU the size of a refrigerator. We would place an AM radio on
    top of the CPU and load a FORTRAN program deck, which when executed would
    play *Flight of the Bumble Bee*

    We also kept a vase with a flower in on top of the CPU to remind us the damn
    thing was a bloomin' idiot <g>

  13. ngdbud

    ngdbud Guest There are plans on that site somewhere for modifying a
    cheap fm radio into high frequency am reciver for listening to aircraft
    signals. I myself haven't tried it.
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