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My Acer laptop doesn't run after night

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by hokus, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. hokus

    hokus Guest

    I have a little problem with my laptop. When I try to switch on it after any
    cool nihgt it runs on ~2 sec and automatically switchs off. What is the
    reson of that, and how to repair my laptop?

  2. Guest

    Troubleshoot the problem and replace the bad/temperature sensitive
    parts. A heat gun (hair dryer) and freeze mist will be very useful.
  3. Too vague......

    First test should be the battery. Second the hard drive. Both are
    likely to be
    far more temperature sensistive than any components on the main board.
  4. Mr. Land

    Mr. Land Guest

    Um, condensation detector?

    Will it run OK after it has warmed up (and perhaps dried out)?
  5. hokus

    hokus Guest

    Sure, when I warmed it up with hairdryer it works fine. What do you think?
    Can you help me please? This is very frustrating, you know.

  6. hokus

    hokus Guest

    The is no difference if I try to turn it on when the batterr is used or not
    (only AC). By the way, my laptop looks to work properly when I warmed it up,
    or most preciselly when I warmed the radiator on the processor. Can you help
    me please?

  7. Mr. Land

    Mr. Land Guest

    The only way I would know of to troubleshoot something like this would
    be to disassemble it and use a can of freeze spray along with a
    hairdryer (heat gun would be better) to try to localize where the
    problem might be. Not something I would suggest you undertake
    yourself. Sorry.
  8. phorbin

    phorbin Guest

    Look in the manual for the optimum functioning temp. range and run it at

    A desktop machine I had, had a CPU cooling fan that didn't like the cold.

    The machine would switch off because the cooling fan wasn't running.\\

    If I warmed up the cooling fan, everything worked fine.
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