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My AC digital clocks run fast. Cheap fix?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Peter, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    Sombody needs to raid your skull with a baseball bat.
  2. Mine,must be placed on the window sill all the time, to receive the signal
    from Frankfurt a.M. (remember, Crete is at the southmost end of EU). It also
    has a weather station, complete with barometer, humidity meter and
  3. Here, they have the base-load plants running 24/7 anyway (Crete, south
    Greece, isolated small grid), basically two-stroke diesels and small steam
    turbines, fired with mazut.), and they have the servers that control the
    grid control a regulating unit (usually a gas turbine, fired with ordinary
    diesel) controlling its output so that it picks/sheds load. There are UF
    (Under Frequency) relays on select medium-voltage (15 kV) circuit breakers
    that shed those loads, when the grid's frequency goes below a chosen point
    (automatic trip of those breakers). The best fuel economy have the
    two-stroke diesels, with 100 grams of mazut for each kWh IIRC, and then the
    steam-turbines, with 300 gram/kWh of mazut. The worst are the gas-turbines,
    with their expensive fuel, and are used only in peaks. There are no hydro in
  4. Dori

    Dori Guest

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  5. Dori

    Dori Guest

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  6. Dori

    Dori Guest

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  7. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Years ago they bought a lot of such clocks for use in all the buildings
    at work. *After* they bought them and installed them, they found out
    that such clocks don't work very well in commercial buildings with a lot
    of steel. Such radio clocks are not all they're cracked up to be sometimes.

    Now we just use the time on the PC since they all synch with a
    time-server that in turn syncs with

    For the data-acquisition computers, that aren't allowed to be tied to
    our business network or internet, we put a GPS antenna on top of the
    building and tie the receiver into the DAS system.. Some folks laugh
    and ask if we're expecting the building to move much :)


  8. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    AGAIN, the retarded little **** gets it wrong.

    I do not live in East County. I am not from East County.

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  9. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    So you only have one or two units acting as regulating units? Then it
    certainly would be easy to keep them set the same as you adjust up/down.
    When you have many more units working 'regulation', it's often easier
    to raise/lower a non-regulating unit. That way the settings of all the
    regulating units don't have to be adjusted together constantly
    throughout the day.

    Some non-regulating units are not operated at full load all the time
    like a base-load plant. Instead they would come on line and carry an
    amount of load dictated by system operator. As system load rises, at
    first the regulators would take it but that resulted in system frequency
    dropping as the regulating units are loaded down. Then the sysop would
    call one of these non-regulating unit and ask them to pick up more load.
    When they did so, it took load away from the regulating units and
    system frequency rose back again. Since the regulating units didn't
    have to change their settings, they all gain/shed load simultaneously.
    You adjust one or two plant's output and all the regulating units can be
    left alone (well, most of the time anyway).
    We have load shedding too, but that's considered a bit drastic. In the
    days before deregulation, we too would consider heat rate and fuel costs
    (combined into simply marginal cost for any given unit). When you owned
    all different forms of generation and were responsible to a regulator to
    act prudently, you would operate your mix of plants to get the lowest
    overall cost.

    With deregulation it's up to each generating company to bid a price they
    can afford sell at and that will still win them some bids. But in times
    of high demand, price isn't set solely by what it costs the generator to
    create the power. If a generator is pretty sure his power is needed, he
    can bid a higher price and still win. In times of low demand, plants
    with high fuel costs end up bidding a price that doesn't win so they
    don't put onto the grid.

  10. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

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  11. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    GPS is the de facto standard in real network environments. It arrives
    your clock at less than 0.01 second off NIST.

    The time server cannot get you any closer than about 0.2, and that is on
    a good day.

    The MODEM based, land line hookup to NIST will get you within about 0.1
    consistently. That is because it sends and receives several
    transactions, and then compensates its sent data strings to adjust for
    your distance from the server. The online time servers do not perform
    this function, and then there are also errors introduced by the number of
    hops between you and the time server.
  12. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Yeah the low frequency signal is blocked by a lot of things. I've heard
    you can rig up an external antenna and couple it inductively to the
    antenna in the clocks, I've always been able to find a suitable location
    to place the ones in my house though so I've never tried.
  13. krw

    krw Guest

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  14. krw

    krw Guest

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  15. krw

    krw Guest

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  16. krw

    krw Guest

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  17. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    And yet your claim that they are off by several minutes per month is

    Bullshit. You are the one that is off the mark by orders of magnitude
    here, you dippy twit.
  18. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

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  19. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

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  20. Dori

    Dori Guest

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