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My AC digital clocks run fast. Cheap fix?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Peter, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Dori

    Dori Guest

    That is, if they can even receive the signal from the Atomic Clock in
    Fort Collins.
  2. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Why do you question my ability to be able to tell time? The clocks on my DVR
    and VCRs run fast. How could or would you know otherwise?
    And my Win XP computer automatically goes periodically to a time standard web
    site ( to correct any drift that might otherwise happen. Not my
    add-on, it's part of XP (as you probably know, since I see that you are a Forte
    agent newsreader user).
    As I said previously, if you would have taken as much time to read my original
    posting as you are spending on spewing your hysterical insults you would not
    have made this irrelevant comment. I have already said that I do not use a TV
    subscription service, I get my reception over the air.If you are having problems with your cheap, off-brand crap
    By what supernatural powers do you claim to know the brands of my equipment?
    You may not think much of Toshiba, Sony, but they are probably at least in the
    mid-range of quality for consumer electronics.
    Two of them. Enjoy the thought!

    P.S. Don't bother responding as I've set up a filter to send your electrons
    straight to the Junk folder - which is better than they deserve.
  3. krw

    krw Guest

    Wrong. DVRs have no Internet connection, DimBulb.
    Nope. I keep telling you that *YOU* are AlwaysWrong, DimBulb.
    Everyone here seems to know this but you haven't gotten your hands out
    of mommy's hamper long enough to have it sink in.
  4. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Well, the simple answer is, "By raising/lowering the speed of the
    connected generators." :)

    The more complicated answer has to do with many generators are running
    as base-load where the governor is *not* the item controlling
    steam/power flow into the generator. And a few generating units *are*
    running as 'regulating units', where power flow into the generator is a
    function of the generator's speed.

    To raise the system frequency, the sysop can call a *non-regulating* and
    has them pick up more load. This slowly raises the system speed and as
    speed rises the regulating plants shed some load as they speed up. If
    the regulating units are adjusted well, they will all shed load in
    similar percentages. The result is the base-load unit is carrying more
    load and the grid frequency is now maintained at a higher level by the
    less-loaded regulating units.

    You can get the same effect by raising the governor setting of one or
    more regulating unit. But raising the setting on only a few regulating
    units causes them to pick up load away from other regulating units. So
    naturally you call them and ask them to speed up a bit. So 'adjusting'
    all the regulating units can take a while.

    Which way you choose to go depends on how well the various regulating
    units are balanced and how evenly loaded your base-units are and other
    factors (hydro have complex water policies).

    At least that's how it used to be done. Now with deregulation you have
    to also consider all sorts of price schemes where one base unit might be
    obligated at one price while another is contracted to deliver a certain
    amount of power corresponding to a particular customer agreement.

    Also, nowadays computer programs also keep track of various contract $$
    and unit limits and distribution line limits. A pretty fair amount of
    prediction of what load will be needed hour-by-hour and more. Many
    regulating units now can be controlled over at least part of their load
    range from the sysop using SCADA computer systems. Of course as with
    any computer, GIGO (garbage-in, garbage-out).

  5. krw

    krw Guest

    You're a hoot DimBulb. The mass of the rotor won't cancel any long
    term effects, you ass.
    That's how the clocks run fast? What an idiot you are, AlwaysWrong.
  6. krw

    krw Guest

    AlwaysWrong is always so wrong.
    Tweet! Illegal procedure! Ten yard penalty. You didn't call time-out
    before you moved the goal posts, DimBulb!
    The more you type the more you get wrong, AlwaysWrong. Better stop
  7. krw

    krw Guest

    You're slipping Michael. You haven't added pie-eyed prick or
    MaoEatsDung to DimBulb's DimBulb's mommy's hamper contents list yet.
  8. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    That transmitter is the only thing on that frequency, and the carrier
    is quite strong.

    I do have issues updating one of my clocks, as I have to find a spot
    where it can successfully receive. The radio clock that I plug in updates
    immediately on a power reset. I think it may be grabbing another
    transmitter's signal. Maybe the Hawaii one.
  9. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    What is in question is not your capacity to examine a display, dorkass.

    What is in question is your capacity to have decided that they were tied
    to the line frequency when you have no clue what circuitry resides in the

    The fact that you could not discern such a simple premise is quite a
    tell as well.
  10. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    Not always. Not automatic either. It has to be set up that way, and
    it is not the default.

    What a dope. It is not about what I am using. It is about knowing
    what is being used.

    A computer ONLY updates online if it is setup that way.

    I do NOT set mine up that way, because I DO want to know how much, if
    any drift my PC's clocks may or may not have.
  11. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    Um... inaccurate clocks.

    One does not hear of such things from name brand devices, so it was
    easy to arrive at. It MAY not be true, but since you are withholding
    instead of declaring what you have, the feeling sways even further toward
    that assumption, asshole.
  12. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    And you know what types of clocks they utilized how? Did you get the
  13. You're retarded.
    You're a total retard, in fact. Announcing your filter file edit
    sessions is the second most retarded thing a ditzy Usenet user like you
    can do.

    The top spot is for filtering to begin with. Your behavior is pathetic,
    in fact.

    This information is better than you deserve.
  14. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    A PC clock does not need the Internet, you retarded twit.

    It is a 32,768 kHz crystal.

    Show me where I said anything about an Internet connection, retard boy.
  15. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    So, you are saying that phase differences always cause a positive shift
    in such a clock?

    The remarks mean that you are the idiot. Generally, such differences
    are random, and in both directions, so the resultant change at the clock
    would be negligible to nil. In your world, phase differences are always
    such that an AC Line tied clock will always advance farther as opposed to

    You should recede.
  16. krw

    krw Guest

    AlwaysWrong, crystals make *CRAPPY* clocks. You'll not get much
    better than a few minutes a month from a raw PC clock, DimBulb. The
    AC line is *far* more accurate. What a dumbass, Dimbulb.
  17. krw

    krw Guest

    A drift can be either.
    AlwaysWrong is, surprise, wrong again.
    That reminds me. How is your mother doing? Did you get your conjugal
    visit last weekend?
  18. krw

    krw Guest

    Wow! Five responses to one post from DimBulb. ...after *two* raids
    on his mother's hamper, no less. I'm positively green with envy.
  19. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    Bullshit, you retarded twit. PC clocks can be as accurate to only be
    off by a few seconds per month. I have NEVER seen a PC clock that was
    off by more than a minute over the entire year.

    You always embellish your total bullshit with so much kiethtard
    bullshit that it is obvious that your nothing more than a full of shit
    Which further proves that he doesn't know what the **** he is talking
    about. Nor do you.
  20. Pieyed Piper

    Pieyed Piper Guest

    Contradict yourself much, retard?
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