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Musical and flashing lights water fountain

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by effie, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. effie

    effie Guest


    I am trying to make a dancing water fountain (meaning a water fountain
    that moves
    according to the music) and also that lights up (eg leds) according to the
    Anyone can help me please? Any circuits or ideas will be appreciated



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  2. This idea was around more than 40 years ago. They called it a "Color
    Linear time is kind of boring and not very artistic. There might be
    better ways.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  3. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

  4. Guest

    Then I was in college I built a stereo color organ that had two 4'x6' displays
    using C7 Christmas tree light strings behind a plastic diffuser. The displays
    were mounted on our living room wall above the speakers.
  5. Winston

    Winston Guest

  6. Grant

    Grant Guest

    That circuit is either overly complex, or, does a much better job than
    the 'Musicolour', a magazine (Electronics Australia) project I built
    as a teenager ;) The musicolour had three channels and the bass channel
    beat with the mains frequency on some sustained low notes, quite strange.

    Is there a description or spec for your disco circuit somewhere?

  7. Grant

    Grant Guest

    I would have liked a beat option back then :)
    I didn't mean complex in a bad sense, more in that it makes me wonder
    what the thing is doing it is doing with the extra parts, compared to
    a few simple bandpass filters driving triacs.
    Well, I been away from electronics a long time, and your circuit seems
    to do a lot more than others I've seen. Didn't recognise state variable

    Last ten years my work was mostly embedded controllers and very little
    support circuitry. The fun analog stuff I did in measurement and
    control systems was in late '70s early 80's.
  8. Winston

    Winston Guest

    Now, two of us think so.

    SWMBO wants to buy me a tee shirt printed with an upside down logo
    that I can read easily:

    "Shut up. You are not funny."


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