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Multiple Miniature speaker project

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Daniel pinchbeck, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. Daniel pinchbeck

    Daniel pinchbeck

    Jan 19, 2016
    Hi guys I'm new to this site so I'm hoping you can help, my step dad has just started building his own model village and train and Iv been looking for a gift for him, he really wants his village to have sound but he can't think of a way to do it.

    I thought about placing multiple small speakers inside various small building in his village and running the wires from each under the base and joining onto one aux Jack which can be plugged into an MP3 player that will play general village sounds... My question is where the hell do I begin?
    Haha I can't find the small box speakers anywhere and I'm lost as to how I would attach them all to the same aux Jack... Any help would be great thanks in advance
  2. dorke


    Jun 20, 2015
    1.You will need a small audio amplifier, since an MP3 player can't drive a speaker directly.
    2. You need to define "miniature".
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  3. Daniel pinchbeck

    Daniel pinchbeck

    Jan 19, 2016

    I would prefer to have it no larger then 10cm X 10cm
  4. Bluejets


    Oct 5, 2014

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  5. BobK


    Jan 5, 2010
    Did you want different sounds coming from each speaker? If so, you can only get 2 from an MP3 player at the same time. If not, why do you need multiple speakers?

  6. dorke


    Jun 20, 2015
    That isn't "miniature"...

    How loud do you need them to be?
    That is defined in Watts.
    It will determine the amplifier required and the matching loudspeaker for it.

    In general,
    You can get very small speakers like those found in PCs,Laptops,Cellphones etc.
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