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multimeter use

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Nina, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Nina

    Nina Guest

    in response to some complaints I had made at the office, I received as a
    gift a brand new analog multimeter

    having googled a bit, I came across various pages with steps on "How to use
    a multimeter", but a few questions remain

    Assume I've connected black probe to COM and red to the other and battery is
    Also assume the selector is set to 500 volts (ACV)

    can I simply test a regular 115v wall outlet by inserting both probes into
    wall socket holes ?

    if I energize a circuit by turning on breaker (30amp), what is the best way
    to test the line at the socket end? in case it matters, that plug is a
    4-prong 220v (similar to dryer wall socket). can I test with both probles or
    is there a sequence since I have two probes but four socket holes?

    the manual that came with the multimeter is rather terse
  2. Malc

    Malc Guest

    Yes with care. Make sure you don't touch any exposed metal on the probes.

    I'm not familiar with this type of socket being from the UK. A bit of
    googling reveals that you probably have 2 Lives, one Neutral and a Ground or
    Earth. So you would expect to see either 220Vac or 110V ac or virtually 0Vac
    between any pair of pins if the circuit is live. Ground and Neutral are
    usually connected together at the local substation and should be virtually
    the same voltage (NB this may not always apply though). You may be better
    off trying to find how the socket is wired before playing around as I have
    no idea which pin is which.


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