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multimeter reading creeping up

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by James Sweet, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    I picked up a Mastech benchtop true RMS DMM the other day since I wanted
    something with a PC interface and so far it's just illustrating why I
    like my Fluke so much, this thing is defective right out of the box.
    Before I return it, I'm curious if anyone can shed some light on what
    it's doing, I'd love to open it up and have a look, but I don't want to
    void the warranty since it's new. Still, my curiosity is aroused.

    The issue I'm seeing is the reading creeps up over time. I left it
    monitoring the AC mains and it was working fine, then a couple hours
    later I came in to see it reading 145V! Thinking I had some serious
    wiring issues I grabbed my handheld meter and it read almost exactly
    120V. I power cycled the new one and the reading returned to normal so I
    left it going and by morning it read 345V. I reset it again and tried,
    this time recording the readings and found that it worked fine for about
    2 hours, then started increasing at quite a steady pace. Now I've got
    the probes unplugged entirely and it reads a bit over 190VAC and still
    slowly climbing. Anyone more familiar with the design have some insight?
    DAC? RMS conversion? Reference? I wondered if the voltage reference to
    the DAC might be heating up and dropping over time, but the instant
    recovery by cycling the power points elsewhere.
  2. You're an idiot. The "overload protection" is ALWAYS in place.
    No, that is what happen when your doctor is looking for functioning
    neurons in your skull cavity.
    READ the post, you idiot. His meter is not "locking up", it is
    CREEPING up, you fucking electronics know nothing CREEP!
    No one has done fuehrer reference since Hitler, and everyone that did
    found themselves to be on the wrong side. That is probably your problem
    as well.
    Good for you, idiot. Maybe when you have two pennies to rub together,
    you can afford one.

  3. The word is Arctic, you fucking retard.
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