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Multi tester

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by David Lanning, May 24, 2006.

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  1. I am based in the UK and am just finishing Part 2 of BS 2360. I already
    have 16th edition and will be doing Inspection Testing in September. I am
    looking to buy a 16th Edition certified all-in-one Multi-tester. I'm
    looking at the Fluke 1652 or 1653, but before taking the plunge, wondered if
    anyone has experience with this or any of the other manufacturers, such as
    Megger, etc.

    Any recommendations or comments would be appreciated.


  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    I have a small fortune invested with Fluke. I personally like them, they
    hold up for abuse I put them through. Personally I am not a fan of
    do-it-all meters like the one you mentioned.
    My base meter is the Fluke 87. I have LEM flexi CTs which are a lot easier
    to get around wires in a lot of locations. I also have 3 hard shell CT's
    for single conductor work.

    Meggar, AVO, and others make decent meters. Probably all made by one or two
    AVO and Megger tend to be more money and more accurate. At least the stuff I
    have used.

    I would make my decision as to who has the nearest factory repair place.
    Mine all go in every year for re calibration. (requirement of my jobs). I
    have 3 87's it is fairly easy to box one up and send it back, usually gone
    for a month or so.

    Buy what you can afford and understand. My first Fluke was a 77. I stays in
    a drawer in the kitchen and I use it to test flashlight batteries.
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