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MPLinker confusion

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Glenn Ashmore, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. I have been gradually building a program for a PIC16F877 and debuging it as
    I went. All of a sudden I am getting an error that it cannot fit in
    absolute section Start0x00 Length 0x00004A4

    Looks like I need to break it up and make it relocatable but all the docs
    are very confusing. Is there a simple explanation for how to do it? David
    Benson's books just barely hint at the subject.

    Glenn Ashmore

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    there of) at:
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  2. You may need to include a linker file, which you can find in the IDE
    directories. You can also look at that linker file to determine whats
    up. However, you should notice that if you put the program into the
    vectors section, it's only 5 words long. Try

    PROG1 code

    before your code... that may make it happier. You also have to create a
    vectors section. Thus, do

    STARTUP code
    goto startcode
    goto interruptcode

    as well. If you don't have any interrupt code, just replace the last
    thing with a nop.

    Robert Monsen

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