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MPC5200 boundary scan problems

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Didi, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Didi

    Didi Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I am setting up my tools for an MPC5200 based device I have
    designed. I have been using these tools (which like all development
    software here, are my doing) on the MPC8240, on the MC68340,
    and some others (TI, Xilinx parts) but now the 5200 seems to be
    more stubborn than they usually are.
    The problem I am stuck with since yesterday is the fact that
    I cannot preload the boundary scan register (BSR) with a value. I can
    it allright and I do read the actual states of the signals, but the
    I shift into the 5200 BSR does not appear to influence the BSR at all,
    next read I get the same value I had prior to the preload, with
    perhaps some input value changed (I have a few floating).
    I can also read the ID code allright, and the device responds to
    its high-Z command prior to the first BSR shift I do; after that,
    power cycling is the only way back to highz, although reading
    the inputs still works.
    I have the bsdl file and the 5200 UM files; so far I have no clue
    what I am doing wrongly. It may be just that it's been a while
    since I last messed with my JTAG software (not very likely,
    I am already pretty much in it again, and it is not huge).
    Anyone with any knowledge on that?


  2. linnix

    linnix Guest

    Do you have any board to loan out?
    I can try my tools, which is working fine for AVR and ARM.
    I'll pay shippings.
  3. Didi

    Didi Guest

    Thanks for offering me that, but I have just one board now.
    I'll be wrestling it some more and post some status when
    I (hopefully!) have some success :)

  4. Didi

    Didi Guest

    I succeeded controlling the 5200 the day after my post.
    The problem was the long time I had not dealt with JTAG,
    the device was getting out of "extest" when not supposed
    to (on my command, I had forgotten something).

    Now I am trying to write to the flash chip, I am just
    beginning to do it and I am not sure how to read its
    data sheet. It is an Atmel 49bv162a, which has both
    byte and word (16 bit) data mode.
    Address lines are a0 to a-something (highest), this
    in word mode. In byte mode, the lowest address becomes
    a pin called "a-1" (minus 1), which is d15 in word mode.

    Now I wish I knew for sure where do I put the 555 and aaa
    addresses, at which a0 - the minus 1 or the 0 one?

    I tried both, neither works so far, if I knew which
    way this one was I would have one thing less to worry

    Thanks for any help,

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